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Sengalese Soup

This Recipe Has Moved The recipe for Sengalese Soup has been updated,
please see
Sweet-Corn Soup with Shrimp

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Cranberry Orange Relish with Fresh Ginger

Cranberry Orange Relish is that old-fashioned family favorite, you know the one, where you grind cranberries with a whole orange and sweeten it with sugar? In my contemporary version, a little fresh ginger brightens the mixture. It's especially icy-good when ground at the last minute with frozen cranberries. This is a contemporary version of an old favorite Thanksgiving recipe, the Cranberry Orange Relish. While the relish can be made in advance, it’s quite special when made at the very last minute with frozen cranberries. The result is an icy froth rich with bright ginger. This was discovered by accident awhile back but it’s so good that now I make it only when the dish can be served right away! Kitchen Parade is written by second-generation food columnist Alanna Kellogg and features fresh, seasonal dishes for every-day healthful eating and occasional indulgences. Do you have a favorite recipe that other Kitchen Parade readers might like? Just send me a quick e-mail via recipes@ki…

Cheese Gnocchi Pie

This was my first Kitchen Parade column! It was published in 2002 in the Baudette Region, the newspaper where my mom wrote Kitchen Parade for twelve years. Today I wouldn't call this "gnocchi" for it's a far cry from the authentic Italian dumplings. But I still make it – it's definitely delicious, like cheesy polenta. [Update: But maybe it's more authentic than it appears, scroll down to the bottom of the page to read the comment from Karen.]
"It was so tasty & my picky partner gobbled it up, too!" ~ Jessica
"... our kids (now in college), who won't eat polenta or grits or anything like that, but they love this." ~ Karen Welcome back, Kitchen Parade!Long-time Region readers will remember when my mom, Shirley Kellogg, introduced this column in 1959.Mom was a young wife and new mother then, also a home economist finding her place in a small town. Week in, week out, she wrote the column for twelve years and only stopped wh…

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