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What holiday do we celebrate on March 14th? What might hungry mathematicians eat on the 3rd month’s 14th day? Ah yes, on March 14th, we celebrate Pi Day to honor pi, the revered mathematical constant of 3.14 and a trillion more digits.To help pie lovers and food bloggers celebrate the occasion, you are invited to share a favorite pie recipe for Pi Day here at Kitchen Parade March 10 - 14, 2008. Pi Day Pie Recipes from Pie Lovers Across the World
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Quick Jalapeño Pickles

How to "pickle" jalapeños, no canning required, all it takes is five minutes and five ingredients and you'll have these cute little rings of pickled jalapeños. These are "quick" pickles, that means they're kept in the refrigerator and still keep for weeks, even months. And lucky day, that means the jalapeños are always on hand for tacos, nachos or wherever you usually pile on some jalapeños. Better still? Use pickled jalapeños a few rings at a time, whenever a recipe calls for a bit of minced fresh jalapeño.

Budget-Friendly Mexican Meal Prep. Real Food, Fresh & Flexible. Weight Watchers Friendly. Low Carb. Naturally Gluten Free. Not just vegan, Vegan Done Real.

Chicken Nachos
with Homemade Pickled Jalapeño Rings

Party food in a flash! Chicken Nachos are quick and easy to assemble with rotisserie chicken, black beans, grilled peppers, homemade pickled jalapeños, cheddar and more. Seriously good stuff!

Budget-Friendly Party Food. Weeknight Easy, Weekend Special. High Protein.

Oven-Baked Brown Rice

For anyone who's had trouble cooking brown rice, or wondered how to cook brown rice, this is your lucky day! First, there's this recipe for brown rice, my favorite, which cooks the rice in the oven and turns out moist, nutty kernels of rice. Oh! So! Good!

Year-Round Kitchen Staple. Weeknight Easy, Weekend Special. Weight Watchers Friendly. Naturally Gluten Free. Not just vegan, Vegan Done Real. Great for Meal Prep.

Best Recipes of 2007

The very best recipes from Kitchen Parade in 2007, just one recipe per month. Best Recipes of 2007 (hover with a mouse for a description; otherwise click a photo to view the recipe)

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Smoked Turkey Chowder

A special wintry chowder with winter ingredients liked smoked turkey, caramelized onions and mushrooms plus rustic potatoes and a hint of fresh rosemary.

Real Food, Fresh & Seasonal. Weekend Comfort Food. Naturally Gluten Free. High Protein.

Perfect M&M Cookies:
All Butter, No Shortening

One of America's favorite cookies, M&M Cookies are an adaptation of the traditional Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, topped with crayon-colored M&M candies. It's my friend Kathy's signature recipe, one she's tweaked and perfected over many years. Best of all, her cookie recipe uses butter, real butter, not shortening. Bake them crispy, bake them chewy, your choice.

Festive & Colorful for Christmas & Other Holidays. A Favorite for Kids and Kids-at-Heart.

Five-Week Bran Muffins

Imagine padding into the kitchen some sleepy morning. You turn on the oven, let the dog out, make the coffee, scoop some batter into muffin tins. Twenty minutes later? Hot muffins! It must've been a dream, right? No ma'am, it's a make-ahead muffin recipe that's kept in the fridge, ready to make small batches of muffins any time later. Tis a busy cook's morning miracle!
"I make this recipe with dried cranberries . . . it is delightful!" ~ Penny
Recipes that can be prepared in advance get my special attention. For two decades now, I have pulled out this muffin recipe whenever there’s a crowd at the house. It’s easy to transport to someone else’s place too!During the next couple of weeks, many homes will fill with family and friends visiting for the holidays. With this make-ahead-and-bake-later recipe, treat family and guests to hot muffins every morning with all the pleasure and little the effort.Add a big pot of coffee, butter and a selection of…