Perfect Lamb Chops

Good lamb is so pricey, we just don't want to mess it up! Here's how I've learned to cook lamb chops perfectly each and every time, just by minding the clock.
"... turned out perfectly!" ~ Brian
"... really yummy!" ~ Sally At the farmers market a few years back, I overheard a young couple order a whole hog – tip to tail and “everything but the squeak,” as they say – from a farmer who then raised pasture-grazed pigs. It was a long conversation, whether to take the pig’s feet (the trotters, isn’t that an apt name?!), whether the processor would cure the bacon. That conversation launched a fascination with whole animals – both cooking whole animals for parties and purchasing a whole animal. I know, I know, to think that for six years, I was a vegetarian, especially since this is in-your-face meat without the modern veil of plastic wrap and pre-marinated convenience.Here’s what I like about it:
Knowing where and how the animal was raised, fed an…

Homemade Kabocha Squash Pumpkin Purée:
How & Why to Use Squash, Not Pumpkin,
for 100% Pure "Pumpkin"

It took four years but finally, I've found the trick to making 100% pumpkin purée from scratch –– switch to 0% pumpkin and 100% kabocha squash. The squash is roasted whole so there's no cutting into a large, unwieldy pumpkin or squash. The result is sweet, oh-so-pumpkin-y purée, perfect for making pumpkin pies at Thanksgiving and all our favorite pumpkin recipes before and after. This recipe is part of a special collection of recipes
that I call "The Homemade Pantry" – stuff we can buy, often 'ingredients' more than dishes, but for one reason or another, choose to make at home in our own kitchens.
Laugh if you like but the best 100% pumpkin purée – made at home from scratch – is made from squash, not pumpkin.Over the years, I’ve had mixed results baking a whole pumpkin – the roasting part is easy, but some times the flesh is wonderful, other times it is watery and lifeless, even after draining out a surprising amount of liquid. (Want more detail? See How to Ro…