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Some cooks long for granite counters, Viking stoves and copper pots. Here at Kitchen Parade's brand-new home online, there's nothing half so fancy. But for the first time, Kitchen Parade is presented in the two-column layout for which it's expressly written -- finally!

For more than two years now, I've been longing for an online version of a two-column 'kitchen' -- my writing and the recipes just make better sense when presented side by side. One web designer after another objected. I heard, "It's just not the way it's done," and "That would be really hard." Enter the magicians at Matchbox Creative, a wife & husband duo from Vancouver, Jeannette with a flair for design, Cornelius with a brilliance for code. I'm grateful, truly, for their work.

So look around around. Every single recipe, even ones you've spied before, will look 'brand-new'. For example, here's the most recent column on the old site and now, here on the new site. I hope you love the changes as much as I do!

And great news, the columns also print beautifully, just the recipe, so the 'meat' of the recipe fits on a single page. Pick just one recipe to print -- Peach Un-Cobbler, say. How wonderful is that? This is my favorite feature of the new site!

All your favorite spots in the Recipe Box are ready for exploration, you know, like the recipes sorted by Weight Watchers points and recipes perfect for sharing at a potluck and all the vegetarian recipes.

That said, like with all big remodeling projects, there's construction dust in the corners. I've got the digital broom handy and am cleaning up as fast as possible. Specifically, every recipe has a permanent home but some recipes include only links to their old spots on the old site. In addition, since comments have been manually transferred from the old site, even these link-only pages already include comments. Oh the mess of remodeling!

So really, look around! I'll be back to cooking on Friday, and yes, there'll be a new recipe. Thank you for turning to Kitchen Parade for recipe inspiration, it means the world.

~ Alanna (the happy, happy Alanna)

Congratulations on your new 'kitchen' Alanna - it looks fabulous, and yes, it's great to be able to see the columns and print the recipes. Beautifully done!!!
Alanna, congratulations! The new Kitchen Parade site is beautiful and really gives a sense of the connection between article and recipe. Hats off to your site designers, and to you for always looking for ways to make your sites more useful for readers. Once again, you're leading the way.
Congratulations! It's fun to finally see the results of all your work, and it looks great.
It really is gorgeous, and the two-column format is perfect for your writing. So professional!
Looks beautiful! Great job! I don't like that the photos are removed in the print style sheet, but I can change that in my own user style sheet, so no worries. :-)
Zoe ~ I'm so glad you mentioned photos and printing! It was a bit of a surprise to me that there was so little developer control for the style sheet, it was either "print the page" as presented, photo on top, which would mean every single recipe would split onto two pages and be harder to cook from or "print no photos at all". For now, I've opted for the latter. But - good news - I've also already asked the designer to do a second style sheet, one where you can choose for yourself to print the photo or not. His development projects are stacked up at the moment so it could be a bit time-wise, but I'm SO glad to have your input, thank you.
It looks really great now Alanna! I'm happy it worked out so well! Congratulations!
Looks great to me, enjoy the new digs!
Looks great Alanna. Congrats.
Congratulations Happy Happy Alanna! Looks classy girl!
Thanks for the BlogHer link and the new design looks lovely!
I like the new format. It is now much less of a task to print my recipes that go south with us, and they are now on one page! Which means a recipe on the front and back! I'm wondering if you have ink-in-your-blood with such a good eye for printed matter?kkMN
Good looking and functional, Alanna. I know it can't always be the case, but those radishes coordinate nicely with your header.
Beautiful Alanna! I'm so happy for you too. It is so much easier on the eyes now.
It seems that you found the perfect people to implement your vision. The site looks wonderful- congrats!
Thanks Alanna for the kind words! Your site looks great and it was a pleasure working on this kitchen remodel :)
Hey Alanna...congrats, looks great! I'm more and more impressed with your energy level and ability to get work done...not only impressive but enviable!
best, S
Wow, your new site looks great! Congratulations!
Congratulations on your move! The new site looks beautiful. I just wanted to let you know you may have a problem with the link on your old site that is supposed to redirect people here. when I clicked it I got an error message, as it tried to open up "www.kitchenparade.com" as a page within your old blogger site.

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