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Green Chile Burgers

New Mexico's much-famed green chili burger, now made at home with homemade green chili sauce and plain burger meat. So first? I made Green Chile Sauce, it was the beginning of my quest for green chile burgers just like the cult-favorites in New Mexico.Next up? The burgers!At first I fussed with ideas for gussied-up gourmet burgers, y’know, where you grind this with that, add this and poke there. My butcher laughed at these notions and packed up a big hunk of good ground beef. “You won’t be able to tell the difference,” he promised. So simple good is simple does. Good ground beef. Salt and pepper. A toasted bun. Warm freshly made Green Chile Sauce. It.Gets.No.Better. EATING TIPS FOR DIABETICS To avoid bread, diabetics and those who follow low-carb and low-glycemic diets often forgo sandwiches entirely. But for anyone with a serious burger hankering, here's a quick tip that reduces bread consumption. (I'm not diabetic but this technique is so simple, I'm doing it too.) U…

Green Chile Sauce (Salsa Verde)

The Recipe: A New Mexico-style salsa verde, green chile sauce. Tomatillos add a certain authentic sourness, poblano chiles a warm smokiness. This is definitely "not" a spicy-hot green chile sauce. In fact, it's almost smoky-sweet – and astoundingly good.The Conversation: What's the first thing Minnesota snowbirds eat when returning to New Mexico for the winter? Green Chile Burgers! When my snowbird aunt and uncle reach New Mexico in a few weeks, their first food stop will be for green chile burgers.My aunt is adamant about the choice. With the winter's first green chile burger, she says, "I know that we are really back in New Mexico.” Somehow, green chile burgers proclaim, “Hello, New Mexico! We’re here! We’re back!”So on my own trek to Santa Fe in August, I knew to hunt up a green chile burger, just to clinch, for sure, my arrival. Ha! Never once did a green chile burger appear on a menu!So ever since, I’ve wanted to experience one as authentically as possib…

Estonian Apple Cake

The Recipe: A moist, apple-y and cinnamon-y apple cake with a crispy topping, almost a coffee cake, rustic and delicious.The Conversation: How sharing recipes makes the world a smaller place.
"... yum!" ~ LeAnne
"... my family inhaled it.....very good." ~ Maria via Facebook "WORLD NEIGHBORS." If our apples are local, let our inspiration be global.Three decades ago, my friend Pille grew up in Estonia behind the Iron Curtain, imagining lives on the other side through a cookbook called World Dishes. Her favorite recipe became Kanada õunakook, Canadian Apple Cake.Last fall, I made Pille’s cake for a bake sale in my hometown on the Minnesota-Ontario border. Knowing locals would yawn at a "Canadian" apple cake, I called it "Estonian Apple Cake". Sure enough, it sold fast! To fancy up a notch, serve this cake in a pool of crème anglaise (pronounced krem-ahn-GLEHZ), French for "English cream", the runny custard.CRÈME ANGLAI…