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Easy Green Chile Egg Casserole

The Recipe: My go-to breakfast casserole – whether baked in a casserole dish, a cast iron skillet, ramekins, muffin tins or even as a tart, so so flexible! And importantly, no bread, not too much cheese or richness and in the end, a breakfast casserole that's all about tender, healthy and flavor-packed eggs. Vegetarian. Low Carb. High Protein, a full 22 grams of protein. Did I mention? De-lish! Easter brunch, anyone?! The Conversation: Digital cookbooks, do they work? For me, not so far. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

It's Enough, Just One Great Recipe Per CookbookMy excuse explanation for bookshelves full of both oft-used and rarely-touched cookbooks is this: If I get just one really good recipe from a cookbook, it's worth its weight in gold. Emphasis on weight: said bookshelves are sagging from cookbooks collected over two ... hmmm, make that three decades.A library card helps, so does staying acquainted with the many cookbooks I already own. This year I resolved to flip…

Last-Minute Pantry Pie

The Recipe: Last-Minute Pantry Pie, the easy-easy pie that's so simple to throw together at the last minute with pantry ingredients easily kept on hand for pie on a whim. The Conversation: Happy Pi Day, people! If you missed the news that today is Pi Day – you know, 3.14 aka March 14th (get it?!) and at least according to Google's Home Page, the 30th anniversary of Pi Day, to boot – then I've got the last-minute recipe for you! (And guess what's in my fridge this very minute!) ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

What's In a Name?"WHAT'S THIS PIE CALLED?" shouted asked my then 90-year old father when he first came to live with us, scraping up the last crumbs of graham cracker with his fork.I was non-plussed. Pies DO need names, of course, but how in heaven do you put "pie that you can make at the last minute with pantry ingredients like cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk and canned fruit and yet makes people groan with pleasure" into just a few…