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Pork Chops & Rice Oven Dinner

How to bake pork chops with rice in the oven in one skillet, a simple satisfying meal. Baking pork chops and rice yields tender, fall-apart chops and tasty rice. This is the very first meal I ever cooked, memorable for reasons good and bad! An Old-Fashioned One-Pot Dinner, True Comfort Food. High Protein. Weight Watchers Friendly.

Grape Salad with Almonds & Cilantro

An unusual fruit salad, savory and sweet at the same time. This easy recipe takes familiar ingredients like fresh fruit, almonds and cilantro and turns them upside down. Start with your favorite fruit – so far I've tried grapes, mango and apples – and then just stir in the rest, including a touch of salt, a key ingredient. There you go, fruit salad in a whole new way! Real Food, Fresh & Flexible. Simple Healthy Dessert or Breakfast Salad. Not just easy, Summer Easy . Budget Friendly. Weeknight Easy, Weekend Special. Easily Scales from Grape Salad for One or Two to Grape Salad for Big Groups. No Added Sugar. Low Fat. Weight Watchers Friendly. Not just vegan, Vegan Done Real . Naturally Gluten Free. Whole30 Friendly.

Cheery Cherry Banana Bread

The Recipe: My forever-and-forever favorite recipe for banana bread, rich with banana flavor, very banana-y. (That's thanks to very ripe bananas, even my favorite "black bananas"!) It calls for whole-wheat flour and wheat germ, so the recipe is even half healthful. But what really makes this banana bread special? Poppy seeds and those bright-red cheery cherries! And now there's also Christmas Banana Bread with tart fresh cranberries. Consider making banana bread a new seasonal tradition. The Conversation: Are super-size portions the reason we're putting on pounds? Nutrition experts cite super-size portions as one reason why Americans put on pounds. I recently purchased a baking pan that cuts the portion size of quick breads in half – kinda magic, just like that! The pan holds the same volume as a standard bread pan but is shallower and longer, about twelve inches long, allowing for more slices. The longer size is especially perfect for rich quick br

Broccoli Rigatoni with Chickpeas & Lemon

An easy pasta supper, this time lemony, garlicky, cheesy and broccoli good. And isn't it just too cute how the chickpeas tuck themselves into the rigatoni? ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ < SaltRant > I have a theory, one which makes me swear like a sea-salty sailor. We Americans consume ten times the salt our bodies need. So when we’re told, “Cut back on salt,” we lightly salt – or worse, skip the salt entirely – when cooking eggs, meat and especially vegetables. But saltless food tastes flat, leaving our taste buds unsatisfied and our inner chefs questioning our culinary skills. So we turn to prepared food products, which, you guessed it, are heavily salted for both flavor and preservation. It’s a vicious circle, harder than laboring in the salt mines. The less we salt at home, the more salt we consume. Tastes do vary with heredity, health and age. Children are more sensitive to saltiness than older adults, for example. But if more salt means we eat more bro