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Creamy Wild Rice Soup Recipe

My long-time favorite wild rice soup recipe, it's creamy and hearty but light in calories. It's absolutely delicious, a great way to really take advantage of the lovely nuttiness of wild rice. This is the soup of Minnesota Lutheran church supper tradition. It calls to me in the fall when the days grow short but is also light enough to warm a chilly summer day in the North. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ COMPLIMENTS! " awesome recipe." ~ Amanda "... very good!" ~ acr "This is a delicious soup ..." ~ Edith BEST RECIPES! Creamy Wild Rice Soup Made the List! Best Recipes of 2005 Creaminess Without Cream? Home cooks recognize the usual method to make a cream soup Рwith cream Рalthough the diet- and health-conscious may use lower-fat milk, even non-fat skim milk. Another method is to use pur̩ed cream-textured vegetables, in this low-calorie Creamy Wild Rice Soup, potatoes and parsnips. The root vegetables do add

Mocha Morsels

You never know where you’ll discover a great recipe. My sister once mailed a magazine article she’d clipped. I don’t remember the article’s topic but often make the cheese gnocchi pie , a cheesy side dish, printed on the other side. The recipe for MOCHA MORSELS was published in a food magazine, no surprise there, but in an ad for a food processor. Mix up a batch of cookies in a food processor? Whatever! While I can’t imagine cooking without a Cuisinart, the hand mixer I bought for ten bucks many years ago has served well. The Maytag man should be so lonely. ALANNA's TIPS Toasting nuts in a pre-heating oven is a simple trick. The hot nuts will cause the chocolate chips to melt, slightly, an effect I like. If you don’t, let the nuts cool before adding. Except for exacting pastries, home cooks rarely need to separately sift or stir together dry ingredients. To counteract settling, do stir flour before measuring, however. Then pour the flour and the other measured dry i

Pork Tenderloin with Balsamic Cranberry Sauce

'Autumn Joy.' It’s a happy handle for the fat-leaved sedum whose blossoms are aflutter with butterflies this time of year. I think it also conjures the reasons why so many name fall their favorite of the seasons. It’s as if life has returned to normal. The kids are long settled into the rhythm of after-school homework, baseball’s end and soccer’s start. The days are warm, easy to lose (or find) an afternoon in. The nights are cool, perfect for windows-open, deep-dream slumber. Yet I find myself planting autumn-joy sedum for winter interest not fall color. As leaves give way, tall stems remain, each topped with a flat crown the size of a small plate. They last through winter and then in early spring, emerge from the earth as peculiar-looking polyps. There must be a lesson in there, you know, autumn joy that in turn delivers winter interest and spring life. ALANNA's TIPS To 'sear' is to quickly cook the outer edge of a piece of meat at high temperatu