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Magical Breakfast Cream:
When 'French Women Don't Get Fat'
Meets Weight Watchers

A simple yogurt breakfast from the "French Women Don't Get Fat" Cookbook, whose promise is to help us lose 10 pounds over the summer, ahem, effortlessly.Years back, I loved this easy yogurt breakfast all summer long. But thanks to a reader's reminder, it's become my go-to simple breakfast again! Magical Breakfast Cream is an easy, make-ahead breakfast and totally satisfying.~recipe updated for a little summer breakfast inspiration~
~more recently updated recipes~
So echo “Oui! Oui” if you’d love to lose 10 pounds over the summer, all without dieting, all without exercising. That’s the premise of the first recipe in the brand-new French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook, the recipe edition of French Women Don’t Get Fat. Author Mireille Guiliano tells a long, fond tale of summers with her favorite aunt, Tante Berthe (Aunt Berthe), movie-star glamorous, squired by many a beau. Tante Berthe was both a gourmet and a gourmande and tended to plumpness. But by the end of each…

Coconut Cream Pie

Wow, who knew people would go so crazy for a classic coconut cream pie?! So here's my recipe, the one that moves grown men to silence. It has a creamy coconut-milk filling topped with either whipped cream or lofty meringue. Just in time for Father's Day and summer gatherings!
"... I must've done something good ..."We all recognize the line, right? the one from The Sound of Music, that magical scene when the Captain and Maria realize the miracle of finding one another? (Need a reminder? Here it is on YouTube. I so love that scene! And yes, I relate, thanks to this guy.) But when I think of the "good" I might've done since my now 91-year old father came to live with us more than a year ago, #PieDayFriday ranks right up there.It was exactly a year ago on Father's Day weekend that the idea of homemade pie every Friday reached up and grabbed me by the rolling pin. Fifty-two pies later, it's still fun! I'm still learning (or re-learning or perf…