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Perfect Whole Wheat Pumpkin Muffins

The Recipe: Wowza! I never use that word but it’s what blurted out after the first bite of these moist, spicy and healthy pumpkin muffins, a recipe from a reader. The recipe starts with 100% whole wheat flour and uses just 1/4 cup of oil – that's half the usual oil or butter for a dozen muffins. Plus the recipe somehow begs for adaptation: I made three variations – all easy, all with pantry ingredients, even one that’s a healthy makeover of the Starbucks Cream Cheese Pumpkin Muffin (pictured below). And then I asked Kitchen Parade readers to try the muffins and play with their own variations. Just look at all the rave reviews! ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

"The liqueur-soaked currants made them sublime! " ~ Rami"... the Starbucks version of the muffins ... are delicious!" ~ Judy"This is a fantastic healthy muffin recipe!" ~ Lindsay"The recipe is already filed in our 'keepers' box and I've passed it on to friends." …

How to Cook Frozen Steaks

An America's Test Kitchen Recipe This recipe's for Procrastinators and the Spontaneous. Want to cook a steak, like ASAP? Just pull a steak or two from the freezer and an hour later, you'll sit down to perfectly cooked steaks. No thawing needed!
But this recipe's also for Picky Planners. Because cooking steaks from their frozen state yields the perfect steak – seared on the outside, evenly cooked all the way to the center.
Intrigued? Read on! This is effortless cooking with fine, fine results. These steaks? It's like you've pampered good meat for hours. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

Who Dreams About Recipes?This one came to me in the middle of the night. Well, sort of.I wasn't really dreaming, I was falling asleep to the dulcet tones of Christopher Kimball's voice, listening to the America's Test Kitchen podcast. So much information, so many tips! If you're a podcast fan and a cook, this podcast definitely belongs on your playlist.But back to th…