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Herbed Ricotta with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

The Recipes: First, a quick summer appetizer but ever so memorable! The roasted tomatoes warm the ricotta, leaving it extra-creamy and slightly garlicky. What an appetizer! Or, how about this? Just pour a glass of crisp, cold white wine and call it dinner!Second, Easy Radish Spread, a crowd favorite, familiar ingredients in a surprising combination. Last, Pita Crisps, yes, make them easily at home too! The Conversation: If “you’ve got milk” then “you’ve got ricotta”. Yes, it’s that easy to make ricotta at home. This recipe is so quick and easy
that I'm adding it to a special collection of easy summer recipes.
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Got milk? We all recognize the slogan from the dairy industry’s ads featuring celebrities with milk-mustached upper lips.But here’s a new version. “Got milk? Got ricotta.”Yes, homemade fresh ricotta is as close as your refrigerator. It requires only a …

Ratatouille Omelettes

Who's seen the new movie, Ratatouille? It's such a fun movie, for both kids and adults, and features -- get this! -- a rat who learns about life while learning how to make ratatouille (pronounced rat-a-TOO-ee), the classic French dish that's been a personal favorite for many years. Here, I share the recipe for a quick-cook ratatouille and wrap it in omelettes for a quick supper or hearty breakfast. Ratatouille is fresh summer goodness flick-wise and food-wise for Little Chefs and big chefs both.Last week I chose my words carefully with a 13-year old. “Do you like rat-a-TOO-ee?” Not unexpectedly, he was certain I meant this summer’s Disney hit movie and flashed a grin. “We haven’t seen it yet but we’re going to!” But when I asked if he knew that ratatouille is food, too, his eyes filled, as if the idea of ratatouille for supper meant eating, well, Wilbur or Bambi or Nemo.So parents, here’s the chance to introduce the family to eggplant, whose plump globes are inexpensive an…