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Cashew Chicken Curry

The Recipe: A chicken curry reminiscent of London’s curbside curry take-away, one of my very favorite things to go-crazy for in London. (It's been too-too long!) Cashew Chicken Curry is surprisingly healthy and oh-so satisfying. Best of all? It's made with pantry ingredients, check you just might have all the ingredients on hand this very minute! True Story: One day my neighbor reported that when he and his wife were at the grocery getting ingredients for Cashew Chicken Curry, someone else was also pulling cashews from the shelf. In a flash, they realized they were planning the same supper – because they both were holding the recipe, both had clipped it from the local newspaper!
"... So good!" ~ Meryl
"It is SOO GOOD!!" ~ Rass
"... so of the best curries I have ever had!!" ~ Pixie
"The flavors perfectly complemented each other with no one taste overpowering the other. " ~ Lynessa
"[my dad] ... really liked i…

Winter Pesto with Pasta

Snow Days. Mid-week, they’re life-slowing brakes that kids crave and grown-ups part-welcome, part-dread. But if snowy days are good for snowboot and sled sales, snow days can also be gentle reminders of why the place we most want to be is called ‘home’ and how little control, really, we exert in our lives.So give in. Be with the snow.Once the flakes begin to transform our familiar neighborhoods into other-worlds, stop, watch, listen. And as the white mantle muffles and then silences, fill a pot with cider, pull out the Monopoly box, dust off that get-around-to-it-soon novel by the bed. Make soup, bake cookies. If you must, clean the basement, organize a closet.But for a few hours, a day or two at most, your life belongs to the snow.Soon enough, it will be yours again. The plow will move through, the drive will need shoveling. And life, again, will move full speed. ALANNA's TIPS WINTER PESTO is a natural with hot pasta. But how about as a pizza topping? Or smeared on steaks sizzle…

Quick Cauliflower Soup or Quick Broccoli Soup
One Recipe, Two Soups!

A quick weeknight or lunch-time soup recipe, made with either broccoli or cauliflower and only four more pantry ingredients. This recipe is a dieter's staple, something to make again and again because it's so filling and satisfying yet adds up to just a few calories and is super Weight Watchers friendly. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~
~ Quick Cauliflower Soup ~
~ Quick Broccoli Soup ~
~ Homemade Croutons ~

"It was fabulous!" ~ Adrienne on A Veggie Venture"Great, easy recipe, amazing site!" ~ lmassey621"I ... like or LOVE [your recipes]. This was no exception." ~ Anonymous"This was great! ... Delicious ...!" ~ Anonymous"WOW! Talk about a homerun!" ~ Cathy on A Veggie Venture"This is awesome." ~ Anonymous on A Veggie Venture
And snows shall fly, the big flakes fat and furry.
– Donald Justice, poet Taking Stock in This, The New YearWith a few post-holiday pounds settling all too comfortably around our waists,…