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Lavosh - Armenian Cracker Bread

Lavosh is a cracker bread, crisp, slightly sweet and (if I may say so) addictive. It's handy to have on hand and keeps for several weeks. Lavosh is pronounced LAH-voshe (though my family calls is la-vosh, no accent) and is some times spelled in other ways, including lavash and lahvosh. This recipe comes from my dear Auntie Gloria, she's been making lavosh for many many years, it's definitely a family favorite! It's easy to make and keeps for weeks. COMPLIMENTS! "Yummo! ... Definitely a keeper." ~ LeAnne via Facebook Ever tried a new recipe and liked it so much you made it again right away? Such was the case for my mom’s family’s version of lavosh, an Armenian cracker bread. While there are other recipes by the same name that call for yeast and thus yield a result more-bread-than-cracker, this is a true cracker, thin, crunchy, a tiny bit sweet. And did I mention addictive? That too. Serve lavosh with cheese and fruit or alongside a hearty

Chicken Cacciatore

The classic Italian dish just chicken slow-cooked in tomato sauce laced with vegetables and a splash of wine, way more than the sum of its parts. Often called Hunter's Stew, mine is an old family recipe from my Lithuanian aunt – yes, Lithuanian, no, not Italian – but still very tasty! ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ COMPLIMENTS! "... man! was that good! ... a definite keeper." ~ Sally "... it is wonderful. This is now my go to recipe for chicken cacciatore." ~ Clara "It was fall off the bone tender and delicious." ~ Annie BEST RECIPES! Chicken Cacciatore Made the List! Best Recipes of 2003 What're You Waiting For?! At my house, we call this recipe “Kitchen Catch” for short whenever cooking up a big pot of Chicken Cacciatore [pronounced catch–a–TOE–ree], a home-style Italian chicken stew. My recipe is adapted from a favorite “little girl” dish made by my dear Auntie Karen on special occasions, including, by personal