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No-Chill Cutout Sugar Cookies

The Recipe: How is it special? Great sugar-cookie taste, golden color and texture! No need to chill the dough before rolling! Easy-to-handle dough! Rolled in powdered sugar, not flour, so no floury after-taste! Mix and bake an entire batch in just an hour, start to finish! Best of all? The big smiles that happen whenever sugar cookies appear! The Conversation: Will you help me wish my dear father a happy 88th birthday?
"At last! A no-chill roll-out cookie that is great!! ... worked perfectly!" ~ Carole
In my family, we sing for birthdays, loudly and some times out of tune, mind you, but always enthusiastically.Today my father will collect happy-birthday singing telegrams from across the country, all of us wishing him well on this his 88th birthday.I can’t bake you a cake, Dad. But I sure can bake you Happy Birthday cookies. So hey, watch the front door because guess what FedEx is delivering today!Happy Birthday, Dad! My new tradition is all of three months old, bak…

Easy Make-Ahead Breakfast Casserole

A New Master Recipe
The Recipe: A new master recipe, this time for an oh-so-easy make-ahead breakfast casserole that flies together in 15 minutes. Unlike many breakfast casseroles, it's packed with protein but just a touch of cheese. Yes, it's Weight Watchers friendly and low-carb! Options for on-the-go portable breakfast-casserole muffins and individual ramekins. The Conversation: How a "whole foods" cook comes to accept the convenience and affordability of frozen hash brown potatoes. Have you accepted similar convenience foods? What works in your home? ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

A "Discovery": Frozen Hash Brown PotatoesThe first time I reached into the grocery-store freezer for frozen hash brown potatoes, discordant bells clamored, if only in my head. Frozen hash-brown potatoes? Not Alanna! Clang! Crash! Bang! But let's back up a few months, shall we, to learn how I came to discover frozen hash browns?It all started last fall when we drove from St…