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Lemon Asparagus Pasta

The Recipe: Fresh asparagus and pasta are such a lovely choice for a spring supper! This is one of those recipes that's way more than the sum of its simple parts, just fresh asparagus tossed with pasta in a light and lemony cream sauce, brightened with fresh dill. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

"So simple - and so delishious!" ~ Sally"My family gobbled this right up last night." ~ Anonymous"... it was delicious." ~ KorenAdd yours, leave a comment, below!BEST RECIPES!
Lemon Asparagus Pasta Made the List!Best Recipes of 2008
Three Favorite Tools for the KitchenLemon Asparagus Pasta is made ever-so-much easier with three favorite kitchen tools so indispensable that in spring, I haul them along when visiting family or friends and kitchen time is likely.For the asparagus, I rigged up a vertical asparagus steamer a couple of years ago but ready-made asparagus steamers [My Disclosure Promise] can be purchased at kitchen stores. If you love fresh as…

Fresh Strawberry Pie

The Recipe: Fresh strawberries glazed with soft, cool gelatin in a chocolate-cookie crust made from homemade chocolate cookies. This is a wonderful pie for spring and summer, no fancy strawberries required, supermarket berries work beautifully. The pie tastes light and surprisingly cool and refreshing. Better still? Make the pie today, serve it tomorrow, it keeps beautifully and is a real crowd pleaser! Any surprise that I'm singing the praises of Fresh Strawberry Pie? ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

In Praise of Jello. Some.Times. Do you do Jello? You don't? Me either. Oh wait, you do too? Yes, I do do Jello.I just did the math. Only .002% of my recipes call for Jello. Without shame, I love every single retro one of them.And I love this new one, too, this "Strawberry Jello Pie". It came as a surprise, how sweet and crisp and refreshing it is, how very-very-berry. Did I mention? For only 200 calories!
In Praise of Supermarket Strawberries. Some.Times.Let's start wi…