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Beef & Mushroom Stew

A classic recipe for beef and mushroom stew. On the table and flavorful within an hour, better still the next day. This is a great way to make a small amount of beef go further, with the addition of thick slices of firm, almost-meaty mushrooms. Butchers of the world, listen up, please! Meat is way too confusing! It’s no wonder we cooks turn to what we know again and again. Think chicken breasts, pork tenderloin, baby back ribs, even hamburger. Now these are easy: they are easily recognized in the meat cooler and we know how to cook them. But what’s all that other stuff? I once condensed a primer on pork cuts – and still have no idea what to buy, especially since the names vary. Who would guess that a pork butt is just another Boston shoulder? Have you ever seen a hog with a butt for a shoulder? Not me. And my eyes glaze over at the thought of cutting up a whole chicken, even though all “real” cooks say it’s easy and economical. The search engine Google cites 14,000 we

Bacon & Egg Breakfast Bake

A make-ahead breakfast strata, with bacon 'n' eggs, plus healthy spinach too! A friend has me thinking about breakfast. Not the hurry-up breakfasts that mark our every-day work and school lives but instead, the leisurely weekend breakfasts that open with mugs of steaming coffee and linger on around a big table. The breakfasts that follow early church for the faithful and extra-long runs for the faithful exercisers. The breakfasts where how many chairs are filled changes as the kids finish to play outside and grandfather excuses himself for an early Sunday afternoon nap. The breakfasts that can be prepared with little fuss, like with this make-ahead BACON & EGG BREAKFAST BAKE, a sort of bacon ‘n’ eggs for a crowd. BACON CHUNKS When bacon is on sale, buy a pound or two for “bacon chunks”, small pieces fried slowly, removing the fat but intensifying the flavor. First, slice the entire slab crosswise in about one-inch pieces with a serrated knife. Cook

Skillet Cornbread

How to put warm bread on the table in a half hour? Make cornbread! This was my very first recipe for cornbread. I have since come to a-d-o-r-e cornbread and I'm loathe to play favorites but this cornbread stands the test of time because of its tall, moist, not-too-sweet slices that stay fresh for days. We love how the crust is a tiny bit chewy! Real Food, Fresh & Flexible. Budget-Friendly. Weeknight Easy, Weekend Special. Weight Watchers Friendly. Great for Meal Prep. Rave Reviews.

Light 'n' Easy Chocolate Pudding

Some times, we just gotta-have-chocolate-now, hello skimpy suppers and late-night chocolate attacks. Homemade pudding to the rescue! This recipe makes a small batch, just two cups, that's perfect for one or two. It calls for just five pantry ingredients (like cocoa powder for rich chocolate flavor and cornstarch for thickening). Best of all, it's sweet and ever-so-satisfying but still won't ruin your diet. No wonder, people really do love this pudding! Healthy Dessert Made from Scratch in Just Ten Minutes. Budget Friendly. Weeknight Easy, Weekend Special. Easy DIY. No Eggs, No Cream. Low Fat. Vegetarian. (Looking for a vegan plant-based chocolate pudding? Try Easy-Easy Chocolate Coconut Pudding !) Naturally Gluten Free. Rave Reviews!