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Cottage Cheese Pancakes

The Recipe: High-protein, low-carb pancakes made from scratch with cottage cheese, whole wheat flour and no added sugar and no added oil. You won't "taste" the protein or "notice" the whole wheat or "miss" the sugar and oil – these taste pancakes are amazing, they just like your favorite pancakes! The Conversation: How a small-town cafe turned my mom, a fabulous home cook, onto Hungry Jack, the pancake mix. But don't worry, it's just a funny story. The recipe I'm sharing is for homemade pancakes. COMPLIMENTS! "... they were fabulous ..." ~ T. Every little town in America has one, a short-order cafĂ© where locals, truckers and the occasional in-the-know traveler converge for breakfast at 6 a.m., coffee mid-morning with a cookie, a fast lunch at noon, afternoon coffee with a piece-a-pie. Three bucks will cover breakfast, not just coffee for heaven’s sake, and five will get you lunch. The plain-fare food is usual

"Peacherrry Blues"
(Peach, Cherry & Blueberry Sauce)

A summery sauce of peaches, cherries and blueberries (peacherry blues, get it?!), sweetened with fruity wine and a kiss of cinnamon. Slightly unusual but decidedly delicious, especially swirled into yogurt, drizzled over pancakes, or poured over chocolate ice cream. To experience summer in a single moment, take time to savor a piece of perfectly fresh fruit with all your senses. Make it an apricot, a melon, a grape. Or a plum, a mango, a fig. Examine the skin’s blush, the stem’s angle. Brush it against your cheek. Is the flash warm? cool? firm? soft? Twist it beneath your nose, then pierce the skin with a nail. Is the change in scent subtle? dramatic? Now, at last, take a bite. What’s that sound, as your teeth break through? And what is the first rush of flavor, how different is it from what lingers after? Finally, close your eyes. Implant color, scent and flavor in the memory of your mind. Ah yes, ‘tis summer. God has yet to create a "peacherry blue", th