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Microwave Green Chili Cheese Grits

Wherein a northerner shares two southern secrets for the quickest, easiest and tastiest way to cook grits. I'm willing to bet: you already own this "secret tool" and your fridge is already home to the "secret ingredient". Just check, am I right?! Try these secrets on your own favorite grits recipe. Or try my latest, a southwest-style pot of grits with a touch of green chili and a touch of cheese, low in calories but full of flavor. Real Food, Fast & Flexible. Weeknight Easy, Weekend Special. Great for Meal Prep. Budget Friendly. Vegetarian. Low Cal. Low Carb. Weight Watchers Friendly. Naturally Gluten Free.

Seasonal Sundays (Week 44) Pumpkin Heaven

Happy Halloween circa 2020, all! To celebrate, I've pulled together an entire patch of pumpkin recipes. (Can one ever have too many?) Here's the chance to turn your own kitchen into pumpkin heaven ...

Baked Apples

Another time-tested recipe from Kitchen Parade, one of my very oldest recipes, a favorite of my mom's dating way back to my childhood! Years later, Baked Apples remain a fall tradition in my own kitchen. I just love how small apples soak up the luscious, rich apple-flavored brown-sugar sauce. Utterly addictive! Real Food, Fresh & Seasonal. A Fall Classic. Budget Friendly. Weeknight Easy, Weekend Special. Naturally Gluten Free.

Seasonal Sundays (Week 43) Slow Cooking

There is a season ... the slow cooking season, that is. I've collected some of my favorite slow-cook recipes, some using an actual slow cooker, others using the oven for slow-cooking.

Chicken with Apple & Creamy Cider Gravy

A one-skillet chicken supper, simple, savory and satisfying, just moist, full-flavored chicken thighs cradled in a creamy mahogany-colored gravy made with apple cider, apple, onion and a tiny splash of bourbon. (No flour!) Plus I share my favorite technique for pulling all the flavor from chicken skins without adding all the calories. It's brilliant if I may say so myself! Real Food, Fresh & Seasonal. Budget Friendly. Simple, savory, satisfying. Weeknight Easy, Weekend Special. One-Pot Meal. High Protein. Weight Watchers Friendly. Naturally Gluten Free.

Seasonal Sundays (Week 42) Apples Savory & Sweet

Apple picking, anyone? I've collected my favorite apple recipes for you, the ones that welcome fall with open arms ...

Skillet Burgers with Tomato Gravy

Throw out the bum! Oh wait, not the bum, the "bun" – the burger bun, that is. These burgers are cooked right in the skillet in a bed of "tomato gravy" that's become my answer to homemade marinara sauce. (Yep! You can even skip making the gravy and just use your favorite jarred marinara sauce.) And ... consider this recipe a definite supper saver. This one's a man-pleaser and so yeah, okay, a woman-pleaser too. Real Food, Hearty & Filling. Budget Friendly. Weeknight Easy, Weekend Special. Great for Meal Prep. Low Carb. High Protein. Weight Watchers Friendly. Naturally Gluten Free.

Seasonal Sundays (Week 41) Fall Comfort Food

It's October and I've collected a few "fall favorites" ... cozy comfort food for cooler, shorter days.

Pantry Meals

How to Make a Meal With What You Have What's in your pantry, fridge and freezer? This collection of pantry-friendly recipes offers ideas and tips on how to make a meal with what you have without a special trip to the grocery or a search for some uncommon ingredient. So if your pantry includes a can of chickpeas or your fridge a head of cauliflower or your freezer a bag of frozen spinach, here's how you make a meal right now out of what you've got. This page is a brand-new addition to my popular series, How to Save Money on Groceries . I'm still adding ingredients, let me know what you'd like to come next! A pound of hamburger? Rice? A pound of beans?