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Spiced Yogurt Chicken

Oh people, this chicken! It's so easy to mix up a quick marinade with yogurt and pantry spices. And then you can grill the chicken, or cook it on the stovetop, or even bake it in the oven. Add a salad and supper's a slam-dunk. Just gorgeous. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

"... very tasty ..." ~ Anne"... the whole family loved it." ~ Anonymous"... very good! Juicy and flavorful ..." ~ Anoymous
What're you waiting for?!
Welcome! It's "Quick Supper" Time!Welcome to Kitchen Parade's very first official "Quick Supper," a very special collection of recipes here at Kitchen Parade. Since 2005, I've been collecting dinner recipes that are "easy on the budget, the clock, the waistline and the dishwasher" – that's my definition of Quick Supper.The best news? There are no Rachael Ray-style surprises here: her recipes put dinner on the table in 30 minutes but all too often are super-sized in cost, c…