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Celebration Salad

~Maple-Roasted Carrots with
Arugula, Dill, Cranberry Vinaigrette,
Pomegranate and Glazed Pecans~
Wow, right?!
Calling all Ina Garten fans! Here's one of five recipes I've made and loved from the Barefoot Contessa's new "Cooking for Jeffrey" cookbook in the last two weeks. It's a celebratory main-dish salad, no abstemious January fare but an exultant platter of myriad textures, colors, flavors and moods.
And yeah, I know, how in the world can everyday common carrots be the centerpiece of such a celebration salad? You're gonna have to taste it to believe it. But do, please do. Meatless Monday, anyone? ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

LOL, Have We Been Typecast?Have my husband (!) and I been typecast? I fear so. For Christmas, the family Santas gifted us with six new cookbooks. Six! Each one filled with author passion and experience, inspiring photos and fascinating reading – and recipes!Even overwhelmed by new cookbooks, a few days later, I hesitated for one …