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Cranberry Linzer Tart Recipe

Isn't this Cranberry Linzer Tart just beautiful? You know, as if it came from a European bakery, the places where the pastries taste as good as they look? But I made it and you can too! The crust is made with toasted almonds and – get this – pressed into the tart pan. That's right, no rolling! The recipe comes from a brand-new European tart cookbook published by my friend Helen, a long-time professional baker and the "goddess of pastry". Her bakery Truffes is the source of the recipes but you'll see, they're not the "hard" bakery recipes, they're the "easy" bakery recipes that home cooks can handle with ease. Helen's cookbook has given me so much confidence, we're hosting a holiday dessert party this weekend! At age 18, I arrived in Finland tall and slim, the way nearly all girls that age once were. That year as an exchange student, I discovered European bread, European yogurt, European cheese and oh my – European pa