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DIY Homemade Foot Lotion

I call it the "Pinterest effect" – the sudden obsession, no that's not it, let's say, "fascination" to DIY, do-it-yourself. Not so ago, I'd have laughed out loud if someone suggested homemade foot lotion. Isn't that the stuff of companies with chemists and manufacturing facilities? And then it occurred to me. Everything that's made now in factories was first made in kitchens and garages and tinkers' workshops – until it became commercialized.For me, DIY that is an extension of my kitchen, my food sensibility, my frugal nature, it just makes sense. And besides, you should feel my soft feet. People newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes have so much to learn, at first it’s confounding. There’s the food, the glucose testing, the medication, the weight loss, the carbs, the sugars, the insulin.One big lesson? The importance of taking extra-good care of your feet. That’s because diabetes restricts blood flow to the feet and this means, ouch! that an…

How to Poach a Perfect Egg –
The Cook's Illustrated Technique

If you're like me and l-i-v-e for a perfectly poached egg, you will also, like me, have tried all those egg-poaching shenanigans because honestly, you'd do almost anything, wouldn't you? just to figure out how to cook poached eggs to perfection, turning out firm whites and runny yolks each and every time.Tap your Dorothy heels twice while whistling for Toto? It doesn't work. Neither does Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200. All those crazy egg-poaching techniques, they just don't work, never have, never will. But now? Leave it to Cook's Illustrated to crack the code for perfect poached eggs. My mother’s Greatest-Generation mindset was that a good purse and a good lipstick were solid investments. In her world, that meant one handbag and one lipstick, not closets- or vanities-full. “When you use something every day,” she’d counsel, “spend more, it’s worth it.”My culinary mindset says that for dishes we make every day, it pays to invest in technique. Since learning…