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DIY Homemade Foot Lotion

DIY foot lotion made from just three common and inexpensive drugstore ingredients – at a fraction of the cost of our favorite commercial lotion, Cetaphil. Our feet get so beat up and it's so important, especially for those with diabetes, to care for our feet with TLC. With this rich lotion, your feet's skin will soon be soft and supple again. Footsie, anyone? ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ COMPLIMENTS! "It's been about five weeks now and my dry old Hobbit feet have been replaced feet that look brand new." ~ Tom I Call It the Pinterest Effect It needs a name, this sudden obsession , no that's not it, let's say, "fascination" to DIY, do-it-yourself. Not so ago, I'd have laughed out loud if someone suggested homemade foot lotion. Isn't that the stuff of companies with chemists and manufacturing facilities? And then it occurred to me. Everything that's made now in factories was first made in kitchens and garag

How to Poach a Perfect Egg

The Cook's Illustrated Technique If you're like me and l-i-v-e for a perfectly poached egg, you will also, like me, have tried all those egg-poaching shenanigans because honestly, you'd do almost anything, wouldn't you? just to figure out how to cook poached eggs to perfection, turning out firm whites and runny yolks each and every time. Tap your Dorothy heels twice while whistling for Toto? It doesn't work. Neither does Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200. All those crazy egg-poaching techniques, they just don't work, never have, never will. But now? Leave it to Cook's Illustrated to crack the code for perfect poached eggs. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ BEST RECIPES! How to Poach a Perfect Egg was one of 2013's "Best Recipes"! Best Recipes of 2013 Investing In Technique My mother’s Greatest-Generation mindset was that a good purse and a good lipstick were solid investments. In her world, that meant one handbag and