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Fresh Cranberry Bars

The Recipe: A chewy almost-blondie molasses and spice bar with bursts of juicy cranberry, topped with a scattering of sugar "snow". No mixer required, just a whisk and a spatula! A natural choice for Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season. The Conversation: My two-decade search for a Whole Foods recipe for fresh cranberry bars, like chasing a slippery memory, one sweet-tart turn after another. "Let's check out that new natural foods store," suggested my dear friend Lisa. So off we trekked to Lower Greenville Avenue in Dallas to check out a new place getting some buzz, a place called "Whole Foods".Yeah. That Whole Foods. THE Whole Foods albeit definitely not the urbane glitzy-slick Whole Foods we know today. The store was small, the floors dusty, its few aisles stocked with unfamiliar ingredients like quinoa, millet and brown rice. Our checkout person was downright scary – think tattoos, studs and spikey hair when this was not the least bit com…

How To Make Perfect Biscuits

Step-by-Step Photos & Detailed Instructions+ Eight Tips for Extra-Good Biscuits
LET'S MAKE BISCUITS! Here are the promised Step-by-Step Photos, Detailed Instructions & Tips for Mom's Perfect Biscuits. Check there for the recipe written in traditional recipe format. Here? All the insider tips from three generations of excellent biscuits makers, my grandmother, my mom, my sister – and finally, ME! But the thing is? Nearly all of these tips can be applied to other biscuit recipes, not just our family biscuit recipe. Read on, biscuit people!WHAT, REALLY, IS THE PERFECT BISCUIT? First, let's define the perfect biscuit, at least "my" perfect biscuit. Yours may vary but when I make biscuits, this is what I'm trying to achieve: Tender with break-apart layers
Buttery & slightly salty
Golden-crisp on the top and bottom
Sturdy enough for mini biscuit sandwiches
Made from pantry ingredients
A real biscuit, not a soft airy yeast-ish dinner roll, not a sweet sco…