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Mini Blueberry Tarts

The Recipe: Miniature cheesecake-like tarts baked in a mini muffin pan with a "pop" of fresh blueberry right in the middle. The tart is an easy, press-in dough (and only slightly fiddly) and the filling is as easy as can be. These make a welcome colorful addition to a tray of one- and two-bite mini desserts. And besides, right? Blueberries! ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

Can A Favorite Old Recipe Make the Switch from Large to Mini?When I first adapted an old-old-old recipe from a big tart feeding eight (in generous slices, mind you) to mini tarts feeding thirty (in tiny two-bite mini tarts), I had high hopes that it would all work out. Time-wise, I'd left no wiggle room for a second batch if the first didn't work out. My notes even read, "A little fiddly so will need to be excellent."And excellent they were! And not even that fiddly! The semi-fiddly part is pressing the dough into the cups of a mini muffin pan. After that, easy-peasy. Just fill the tarts wi…

Spiced Pickled Red Onions

The Recipe: Something so simple, just slivers of red onion pickled in a refrigerator jar (no canning!) with a few herbs and a little garlic. But if you want to spice up your taco game (and so much more), start here, with quick and easy Spiced Pickled Red Onions.
Now lots of times, something this good starts with butter and cream. Not pickled onions, they're basically calorie free, carb free, sugar free, vegan not to mention totally cheap. All this? And still a game changer! ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

Pulling This & That from the FridgeMy dear Auntie Gloria was a "meal prep" queen, way way back before meal prep was the thing that it is now. I'd have been no more than six or eight but remember helping her pull this and that from the fridge, a sort of culinary sorcery that put lunch on the table – no slap-dash peanut butter sandwich, mind you, but a plateful of homemade breads and spreads and side bites and savory relishes.Auntie Gloria's fridge dives made a…