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Herbed Goat Cheese

For being half lab, my dog’s still half wimp when it comes to water.She was just four days from the pound when she and 50 other dogs scampered into a local pool that opens up for pooches when it closes for people. When someone threw her in, she threw herself out of the water and onto the safe-looking lap of an unsuspecting stranger. Once. Twice. And then once more.Later, she was invited to swim with just two dogs. Determined to avoid the water, she hid in the surrounding bushes, up-ending a nest of yellow jackets. YOUCH.But she’s progressed in three years, thanks to regular romps in shallow water at the park and a little stick-fetching at a nearby lake. She even swims now, and happily, especially with a frisbee or tennis ball in sight.At last year’s dog swim, my goal was to teach her to leap into the water from the side. Time and again, she threw herself into a shallow, cloudy pool with no sign of a bottom. But when it came to the deeper, clear-as-tap-water pool, off she ran, seeking …

Peach Blueberry Cake

What a dilemma! Is this a peach and blueberry cake? Sort of, there is a sort of cake that lines the pan and cups the fruit. Is it a peach and blueberry tart? Kind of, but not in the traditional sense, there is much more filling. Is it a peach and blueberry pie? Definitely not, even if the proportion of filling to cake is more like a deep-dish pie than a tart. There's just one solution. Make it and decide for yourself what this genre-bending summer dessert should be called.
"I suspended disbelief at the baking time ... it was wonderful! " ~ Mireille
"... it came out like a dream. Really delicious ..." ~ LeLo in NoPo Come early August, there’s a brief window when the blueberries are still plentiful and inexpensive and the local peaches are ripe and luscious.Last summer, there was no getting enough of this country-rustic cake. The peach man at the farmers market took notice, grinning each time I stopped by for another lug.Cantaloupe, honeydew, grapes, ch…

BLT Pasta Salad

Some times it's fun to take a classic recipe and turn it on its side. That's what's happening here, with a pasta salad version of summer's favorite sandwich, the BLT, that unbeatable combination of bacon, lettuce and tomato between two slices of bread. That's right, it's a BLT Salad instead of a BLT sandwich! If one is mindful, it is possible to observe lessons taught and lessons learned in unlikely settings: at the local Target store, say, on an errand-filled Saturday, perhaps.In the shoe department, with Mom apparently shopping elsewhere, Dad is charged with a restless three-year old. Insisting to be let out of the cart, she squats to examine a low shelf of bedroom slippers, yes pink! She lines them up on the floor with precision, then stands to tuck pudgy toddler toes into each Mom-sized slipper, one by one. Dad watches in silence, then returns the slippers to their rightful shelf, one by one.In housewares, another Mom shops with a son and daughter. Just for …