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Fruity Gazpacho

The Recipes: Two recipes today, both really show off summer's best fruits.First, an unusual savory-sweet soup I call "Fruity Gazpacho" that's good as an appetizer, an entrée, even a dessert. It mixes fruits and vegetables and is positively fresh and delicious. Next, a light and summery fruit salad, sweetened with no more than a little sugar and fresh mint.The Story: How I became a seasonal cook, way back when. Blame the gazpacho.Yes, it was a bowl of tomato-y, onion-y, pepper-y soup that heaved my culinary style into the camp called seasonal fare.Setting: A basement meeting room in a downtown hotel in Kansas City.Time: November, not the unseasonably warm and sunny golden days that Missourians love but an unseasonably wet and bone-chilling day that Missourians dread.By noon, the group was shivering and starved, happy to move just to generate heat, better yet to hunt up lunch in the next room.Waiting there were big bowls of soup. “Ohhhh,” we thought. “Something warm!”…

Two Favorite Refrigerator Pickles

Who loves refrigerator pickles as much as I do? 'Refrigerator pickle' may not be a universal term but it's what I call pickled vegetables that keep in the refrigerator anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, preserved without the trouble of "canning". Along with 'refrigerator salads', refrigerator pickles are so handy to have on hand to add to a salad, a quick lunch plate, even a small midday snack. When it’s too hot to cook during summer’s dog days, experience a refreshing waft of cool air just by opening the frig to reach for a jar or two of pickled vegetables. Both these make for easy, tooth-crunching sides for grilled meat or supper salads. MARINATED BRUSSELS SPROUTSBaby cabbages in an herb dressing
(see photo below) Hands-on time: 20 minutes
Chill 4 hours before serving
Serves 8 Generously salted water to cover2 pounds Brussels sprouts, preferably fresh of about equal size (frozen sprouts also work)1 tablespoon olive oil4 tablespoons red wine vinega…

Blueberry Sour Cream Pie

My longtime favorite recipe for blueberry pie, fabulous with fresh blueberries that "pop" in the light sour cream filling and topped with a toasted-almond streusel. "Yes." That’s the answer, always accompanied by a puckish grin, when some of my favorite men, not a yes-man among them, are asked about their favorite pies. Cream pie? Fruit? With meringue? À la mode? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.Left over for breakfast? Yes again, at least when the answer comes from my own father.Credit thirty years of pie-baking to my Uncle Marv, who beamed and extolled and then insisted on seconds with my first pie, a creditable Thanksgiving apple, when I was just sixteen. With such psychic income, what aspiring cook wouldn’t happily enter the pie business?In all that time, this blueberry pie ranks high among favorites. It shouts summer, the berries puffed plump in light, sweet cream. It smells delicious and tastes even better.It will make yes-men (and yes-women) of us all. When I was a girl, b…