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Plant Sale Soup

A hearty, wholesome and heart-warming hamburger soup recipe jam-packed with beans, vegetables and pasta, extra-good for feeding a crowd. Wondering about the name, "Plant Sale" Soup? You've got to admit, it's an unusual name for a soup! This is the soup that the Herb Society from Webster Groves, Missouri (a St. Louis suburb) feeds its volunteers during its annual spring plant sale! A Giant Pot of Homemade Soup Made from Scratch. Hearty, Healthy & Filling. A Vintage Tried-and-True Recipe. Budget Friendly. Weeknight Easy, Weekend Special. Great for Meal Prep. How to Feed a Crowd. Potluck & Party Friendly. Low Fat. High Protein. Weight Watchers Friendly. Rave Reviews. So Good!!

Sole with Mushrooms & Onions

For the last few weeks, nearby churches have hosted fund-raiser fish fries on Friday nights. By six o’clock, the kitchens bustled with volunteers and the parish halls echoed with conversation and laughter. Friday Fish. It can hit just the right note on spring nights, even after Easter. It’s lighter than the heavy stews and braised meats of winter, like doffing the heavy coat for a light jacket. And it’s quick to prepare and cook, letting us linger outside as the days lengthen. There, the cool evening air, warmed by afternoon sunshine, beckons. Even mowing the fast-growing grass is a pleasure. In the garden, plants muscle their way out of the dirt. Many need dividing, or moving, still others seem slow to appear, causing worry about winter damage. Ahhhh, spring. This easy fish dish spends 20 minutes in the oven – time enough to cook a vegetable and make a salad – and comes out moist and flavorful. So spend a few minutes a-bustle in your own kitchen then recruit a table-s

Hot Cross Buns: A Recipe Tradition for Easter

My long-time favorite recipe for Hot Cross Buns, the sweet buns topped with icing in a cross shape traditional at Easter, especially on Good Friday. My Hot Cross Buns are warm with gentle spices and studded with bits of dried fruit. Dare I say? I think they're perfect. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ COMPLIMENTS! "I had to make them! ... They are irresistible." ~ Anne "We have made them for the last couple of years. This year we glazed them with maple syrup and they turned out beautifully." ~ Krissy "I made these last night, delicious!" ~Becki on Facebook BEST RECIPES! Hot Cross Buns Made the List! Best Recipes of 2006 A Good Friday Tradition Birthdays aren’t birthdays without balloons. July 4th isn’t the Fourth of July without a flag-filled parade. And a particular Thursday in November isn’t Thanksgiving without a turkey. In the Christian tradition, Good Friday’s resurrection promise begs no adornment or heraldry. Still

Turkey Orzo Soup with Lemon & Spinach

Here's a soup recipe that's just made for spring! It's light but hearty, substantial but bright. The lemon and spinach really make this soup, so do the tiny bites of orzo pasta. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ COMPLIMENTS! "... we enjoyed this soup SO MUCH!" ~ Kris Add yours, leave a comment, below! Grocery Carts for Kids, Such Fun! I love seeing kids pile into cars, little kids into souped-up race cars with steering wheels and safety belts in specially outfitted shopping carts at the grocery, that is. First catching the eye of the mother who’s busy with broccoli and beans, I’ll kneel to eye level to ask in a deep, serious voice, “May I see your drivers’ license, please?” The quick ones recognize the game and grin, “I don’t have a drivers’ license, Silly.” The shy ones check for Mom’s whereabouts, then clench the wheel, determined to remain master of the road, with or without a license. Sure, kid-friendly grocery carts are all about