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Easy Creamy Scrambled Eggs for a Crowd

From my family's cookbook, a great brunch recipe, scrambled eggs for a crowd. All the prep is done ahead of time, leaving just the cooking for last-minute. The eggs hold well for a short period in the oven or on a warming tray. A crowd favorite! To rush would be a crime 'Cause nice and easy does it every time. - from the 1960 song 'Nice'n'Easy' arranged by Nelson Riddle, performed by Frank Sinatra. If you like, listen on YouTube . “Nice ‘n’ Easy,” said the white-coiffed woman to the man beside her at a Frank Sinatra tribute concert late last year. “That was our song back then, honey. Remember how I was worried you were so serious, so fast?” He moved his hand resting on the the bend of his cane onto her knee and patted it gently, his worn gold ring too large for bony fingers. “Fifty-seven years,” she chuckled. “Nice and easy, alright.” The trick to these easy scrambled eggs is cooking them ‘nice ‘n’ easy’ – that means slowly at a low te

Real-Food Brisket

Somehow I missed the brisket gene and only recently cooked my first one. The trouble? The family recipe calls for dried onion soup mix and a can of mushroom soup, not what a "real food" cook like me wants to use. Lucky break - The Brisket Book to the rescue. Now I can make brisket with 'real food'. No more canned mushroom soup! No more onion soup mix! When I cooked my first brisket a while back, I was primed to use the family recipe, the one my dear cousin Sharon makes all the time. You see, Sharon’s brisket flew off the platter at a family party when her daughter was married. Oh, it was so tender and good! In the back of my head, the column for what I would call “Wedding Brisket” was already half-written, including the family trick to freeze the brisket before slicing, ensuring thin slices and great flavor. But when I called Sharon for the recipe, I learned that after side-by-side comparisons, she thinks her brisket tastes better without freezing. So mu