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Easy Fruit Sorbet

Sorbet made from unusual fruit juices from Russia, Bulgaria, Egypt and other spots. With just three ingredients and a few minutes, dip a spoon into an icy, refreshing sorbet, experiencing the taste of summer from across the world. This Easy Fruit Sorbet recipe is so quick and easy
that I'm adding it to a special collection of easy summer recipes.
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What a discovery, like walking into a global orchard of fruit juices imported from across the world. Think exotic, think tropical, think rainbow colors.Mango. Red grape. Lychee. Sea Buckthorn. Pear. Apricot. Sour Cherry. Rambutan. Mangosteen. Kiwi. Guava.The international grocery near my home (for St. Louisans, that’s the wonderful Global Foods Market in Kirkwood) keeps shelves of unusual juices imported from Russia, Bulgaria, Egypt and other spots. For a year now, I’ve turned one fruit juice after another into sorbet just by adding sweetness and a splash of acidity. It’s that …

Easy-Easy Marinated Flank Steak

One of the easiest (and tastiest) weeknight suppers in a long while, just two ingredients and about ten minutes of hands-on time. This flank steak recipe is so quick and easy
that I'm adding it to a special collection of easy summer recipes
published throughout the summer of 2009.
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Summer cooking’s never ever ever’s been so relaxed, thanks to collecting easy summer recipes all summer long in 2009. But I’m learning something. Mostly, summer cooking starts with throwing a piece of meat onto the grill for the main course. This means I’ve got a whole backlog of great recipes for summer starters and sides and sweets to share.But main courses? not so many. Good news, they may be few but they’re good. And this recipe? It's a keeper.The recipe for marinated flank steak comes from my friend Mary who got it from her grandmother, who got it from a Japanese friend. That’s why Japanese soy sauce is specified, and the Kikkoman bra…

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Blueberry Salsa

For a change of pace from the same-old everyday tomato salsa, how about a savory fruit salsa? It's easy to make, just blueberries smashed with a smidge of onion and jalapeƱo, then brightened with lime juice, fresh ginger and fresh herbs. Beautiful color and very summery!

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Juicy Pork Chops
(How to Brine Pork Chops)

If there's one way to ensure juicy meat from lean, high-protein pork chops, it's to soak the chops in a flavorful liquid brine before cooking. This is my favorite brine for pork chops, adding moisture and flavor to pork that's bred for leanness. If you want juicy pork chops, brining is the answer!

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