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Snickers Cookies on Sticks or NOT

I gotta tell ya, when I first spied these cookies, the attraction was a fun recipe for baking with leftover Halloween candy. Instead, Snickers Cookies are dreamy good, the best cookies I’ve made all year. Think “peanut butter cookie with a Snickers bar inside” but then take a bite, oh so chewy and what’s that? Oh my, it’s chocolate and caramel and nougat right inside. The sticks are optional, the cookies themselves, not.
"[My husband] says they're the best cookies I've ever made ..." ~ LeAnne
"These are fantastic!! ... Definitely a keeper." ~ -K
Peel the petals from a daisy to answer, “Does he love me? Does he not?” Visit a clairvoyant to learn “Is it a boy or a girl?” Consult a fortune cookie to foretell the future. Could a recipe for Snickers Cookies on Sticks reveal what kind of moms we might be? A mom who bakes a plateful of homemade cookies for after-school treats? Or a mom who organizes fun Halloween cooking projects for kids?So buzzed my …

Pan de Muerto

"Bread of the Dead" Celebration Bread
Just in time for "Days of the Dead" so joyously celebrated in Latin America and by the Latino diaspora, Diana Kennedy's traditional recipe for Pan de Muerto (Bread of the Dead), used to help communicate with loved ones who have passed on. This recipe is the latest in an ongoing series featuring "celebration breads" – traditional special-occasion breads from across the world. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

"Home Is Where Your Graves Are."It’s an idyllic spot, Elm Park Cemetery, the cemetery in the small Minnesota town I still call home, even though for four decades, I’ve not lived there, only visited. The namesake elms are long lost to Dutch elm disease but other trees reach skyward now, clumps of birch, tall straight ash, a few long-needled pines. Hills rise from the river, offering a certain privacy, pocket by pocket. The cemetery is a mile or so south of town, close enough that when a veteran is lost,…