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Beef Barley Soup with Mushrooms

The Recipe: A hearty, meaty soup that's almost thick enough to call "stew" but remains somehow, soup, still. It's a wintery, filling soup, packed with root vegetables and earthy mushrooms and the addictive nuttiness of barley. The Conversation: Restoring a kitchen mojo. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ Let Your Mojo Go? What do you do when you lose your kitchen mojo? Do you just let it go? wait for it to return? fight to get it back? order pizza? :-) My mojo loss skews toward indecision. Like all of us, I suppose, I prefer to cook from the pantry and the freezer, with any luck, dinner will be quick and healthy. But as a blogger, there's another dimension: old recipes which need new pictures or new recipes that need work before they're ready to share. So there I am, stuck in a mire of hungry indecision, too many choices, too many limitations. To jump start dinner, I ignore my files, knowing that sooner than later, some recipe will pop up, usually

Chocolate Shortbread Cookies

The Recipe: A simple chocolate shortbread cookie, tender and crisp, barely sweet. The Conversation: A Valentine to nurses, especially the ones caring for my almost 90-year old father. "Hello, it's me." No, not Adele , sorry. (Wow. Going on 1.2 billion listens on YouTube alone!) I sure didn't plan for a long break between our Family Shortbread before Christmas to now, Chocolate Shortbread Cookies just before Valentine's. Thanks to all who noticed, who wrote to ask if everything is okay. I do thank you. But now here it is, Valentines Day, the herald of romantic love, the love between sweethearts. But right now? For me? The love that bursts from my heart is for nurses and caregivers. You see, in the last six weeks, I found myself living a crash course in Distant Dads and Daughters as my sister and I grapple to help our aging father from afar. Assessing the situation with incomplete and shifting information. Crossing the country, twice already and n