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How to Make Homemade Vegetable Soup

My new master recipe for making vegetable soup, easy to make on the fly with any and many on-hand and in-season vegetables, winter vegetables for now, but summer, spring and fall vegetables too. The recipe is perfect for cooks who belong to CSAs or shop at farmers markets because it both takes advantage of and helps use fresh and frozen and even canned vegetables. For the Weight Watchers crowd, I think you'll l-o-v-e this soup. A whole cup is zero points (Freestyle) but the soup has such good flavor and texture that it's ever-so filling and satisfying. In fact, the recipe has become my own personal "Weight Watchers Zero-Point Vegetable Soup recipe". ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ Happy New Year, all! Welcome to 2012! Here's to making it a great year! COMPLIMENTS! "... the best pot of veggie soup I have ever made." ~ TessM "This was wonderful!" ~ Pippa "Great recipe! Love it, love it!" ~ Anonymous "Great reci