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Banana Cream Pudding

for pie, parfaits, pavlova and even (yummm) plain Because no judgment, promise, if anyone's tempted to spoon warm pudding right from the pot. But if – IF – there's pudding leftover, one pudding recipe makes a traditional Banana Cream Pie and Banana Cream Pudding Parfaits (think banana cream pie in a cup!) and Banana Cream Pudding Pavlova. Any one would be perfect for Pi Day that's coming up fast on March 14th. Or delighting those you love, any day of the year. Did you hear? It's been a pudding factory around here, getting the recipe exactly right. Okay, okay, so it really wasn't a factory even if I've made more Banana Cream Pudding in the last month than in my whole life. It all started with a plaintive plea for Banana Cream Pie, that's the "favorite man pie" in my circle. Just mention Banana Cream Pie and suddenly the men-folk get dreamy far-away looks and then hopeful grins, whether nine or almost-ninety or any age in between. W