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Stuffed Mushrooms with Cauliflower & Smoked Gouda

The Recipe: Healthy finger food, a favorite for holiday gatherings. The trick is to roast the mushrooms first, before stuffing, a tip that works for all stuffed mushrooms. Here I've stuffed the mushrooms with a rich-tasting low-cal, low-carb and gluten-free mixture of cauliflower, the mushroom stems (no waste!) and a touch of smoked gouda cheese, just enough to bind it all together. For Weight Watchers, two mushrooms add up to just a single point! Not into mushrooms? I've got six more ideas for healthy finger foods! The Conversation: Defying the aisles of seasonal "foods" with healthy appetizers and healthy finger food. And so here we go, that wild ride to year's end. The weeks between now and then will fly past with few moments to breathe let alone stop and reflect. They'll be intense, they'll be fun but do you feel the mounting tension? (And is anyone else already looking forward to January?) It's also the season where rich food tempts us

Fun Pretzel Roll Hot Dogs

The Recipe: For a fun treat for kids (maybe) and grown-ups (for sure), hollow out soft pretzel sticks from Trader Joe's and stuff 'em with hot dogs. A great make-ahead, on-the-run sandwich for parties, tailgaters, campers, hunters. So trust me, never in the world did I think that Kitchen Parade needed a hot dog recipe. Because, you know, who needs help cooking hot dogs? or tips for tossing them into buns? (Okay one thing, chopped onion is amazing on hot dogs!) But the Pretzel Wurst at Big Red Kitchen caught my attention. Wow, what a notion, make-ahead hot dogs! Truth be told, I thought four boys, ages five to nine, would gobble them up – but NOT. Those sneaky little guys pulled the hot dogs out of the pretzel buns and ate them plain! Oh well ... But the big kids aka adults, ages not-sayin' to not sayin', loved them! So forget the kids, feed 'em hot dogs and save the Fun Pretzel Roll Hot Dogs for everyone else. They'd be perfect for tailgating, a