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Quick Reminder for Google Reader Procrastinators

If you use Google Reader to follow Kitchen Parade and/or A Veggie Venture and all your other favorite blogs, you already know that as of July 1, Google is pitching Google Reader into the dust heap. And if you’re like me, you’ve been procrastinating on a replacement, hoping against hope that Google would change its mind. Nope … So here’s what to do. Me, I’m doing all three. STICK WITH AN RSS READER Go to either Feedly or Bloglovin quick-quick -- that means, today . Either free service will import your blog RSS subscriptions from Google Reader with a couple of clicks, this will preserve your existing subscriptions, otherwise, g'bye, gone forever. I’m kinda keen on Feedly, myself. SWITCH TO EMAIL For the blogs we care about the most, email subscriptions are best. Click here to subscribe to Kitchen Parade , click here to subscribe to A Veggie Venture . If you already receive emails from Kitchen Parade and/or A Veggie Venture, you’re already set, no need to do a thi

Simple Grilled Salmon

In 2013, Midsummer falls on June 21, a Friday, perfect for a Scandinavian feast and staying up late to revel in the longest day of the year. But Simple Grilled Salmon makes for a feast any night of the year. You won't believe just how simple this is, worth the splurge! We've been enjoying the leftover salmon cold (yes, it's amazing cold) for a couple of days now and last night decided, "We really must grill salmon more often. How about Friday?" ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ This recipe is so quick and easy that I'm adding it to a special collection of easy summer recipes published every summer since 2009. Watch for new "summer easy" recipes all summer long! With a free e-mail subscription , you'll never miss a one! BEST RECIPES! Simple Grilled Salmon Best Recipes of 2013 How to Celebrate Midsummer, Finnish-Style. Imagine, if you will, the summer solstice in the Land of the Midnight Sun. In the north of Fin

Rhubarb Cake

The Recipe: Is your rhubarb as pretty as can be this year? I can't get enough of it! Here's the rhubarb cake recipe I've been making for years and years, simple and rustic with "just enough" sugar and plenty of rhubarb. Enjoy! The Conversation: How to choose the right pan for cutting a recipe in half for "half a cake" when a recipe is written for a 9x13 pan. Real Food, Fresh & Seasonal, a Summer Classic. Weeknight Easy, Weekend Special. Rave Reviews.