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Rhubarb Cake: Just Updated!

The Recipe: Is your rhubarb as pretty as can be this year? I can't get enough of it! Here's the rhubarb cake recipe I've been making for years and years, simple and rustic with "just enough" sugar and plenty of rhubarb. Enjoy! The Conversation: How to choose the right pan for cutting a recipe in half for "half a cake" when a recipe is written for a 9x13 pan. Real Food, Fresh & Seasonal, a Summer Classic. Weeknight Easy, Weekend Special. Rave Reviews. Here's Your Recipe Rhubarb Cake Or Just Click the Photo. I made a 9x13 just this week. So good!

Kitchen Parade & Weight Watchers Freestyle

What a Match! The day has finally arrived! Last night I "flipped the switch" and Kitchen Parade's Weight Watchers recipe page is now sorted by Freestyle points!

This Recipe Has Moved (Slow Cooker Chicken, Chickpea & Kale Stew)

This chicken stew? It’s great to come home to, just chicken, chickpeas and vegetables, a hearty, satisfying mix of color, texture and flavor. The recipe includes two ways to cook this easy one-pot chicken dinner, one on the stove and the other in your slow cooker. Real Food, Fresh & Flexible. Weeknight Easy, Weekend Special. Weight Watchers Friendly. Low Carb (Just Skip the Chickpeas). Naturally Gluten Free. High Protein. Great for Meal Prep. This Recipe Has Moved! Chicken Stew with Chickpeas & Kale © Copyright Kitchen Parade 2015, 2019 & 2020

Recipe Highlight: Roasted Roma Tomato Dip

Over the weekend, I slow-roasted a whole tray of Roma tomatoes from the garden. Last year, one fan last year called Roasted Roma Tomatoes "tomato candy"! And then? I mixed a quick Roasted Roma Tomato Dip, just one way to use the roasted tomatoes. So good! Here's how to roast Roma tomatoes, Roasted Roma Tomatoes , including the Roasted Roma Tomato Dip. ABOUT THIS "RECIPE HIGHLIGHT" This is the first of a very occasional series of posts that highlights an adaptation of a Kitchen Parade recipe from years past. I love re-using and re-purposing my favorite recipes in new ways. I hope you do too! FYI I've closed the comments on this page but would love to hear from you on the original page. Please do chime in there, at Roasted Roma Tomatoes . © Copyright 2015 Kitchen Parade

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian family and the many Canadian readers and visitors who pop into Kitchen Parade and A Veggie Venture for Thanksgiving recipes! May your long weekend be filled with "good times" and "good food"! If I could bring everyone a dish of the World's Best Green Bean Casserole , I would, I really would! But for anyone still on the hunt for recipes, two places to visit: The famous collection of Favorite Recipes for Thanksgiving's Favorite Vegetables at A Veggie Venture An eleven-year collection of Thanksgiving recipes at Kitchen Parade For those who don't eat meat, ideas for Thanksgiving Vegetarian Entrées (Oh! I'm suddenly tempted to cook a turkey this weekend!) But when it's all over and you're wondering how to use up the last of the turkey, think "soup" – in fact, think "healthy soup"! Turkey Sweet Potato Soup is one of my oldest recipes, a healthy colorful soup made with sw

Quick Reminder for Google Reader Procrastinators

If you use Google Reader to follow Kitchen Parade and/or A Veggie Venture and all your other favorite blogs, you already know that as of July 1, Google is pitching Google Reader into the dust heap. And if you’re like me, you’ve been procrastinating on a replacement, hoping against hope that Google would change its mind. Nope … So here’s what to do. Me, I’m doing all three. STICK WITH AN RSS READER Go to either Feedly or Bloglovin quick-quick -- that means, today . Either free service will import your blog RSS subscriptions from Google Reader with a couple of clicks, this will preserve your existing subscriptions, otherwise, g'bye, gone forever. I’m kinda keen on Feedly, myself. SWITCH TO EMAIL For the blogs we care about the most, email subscriptions are best. Click here to subscribe to Kitchen Parade , click here to subscribe to A Veggie Venture . If you already receive emails from Kitchen Parade and/or A Veggie Venture, you’re already set, no need to do a thi

This Year, Let's Give the Gift of Words

So what if there were a present that required no wrapping? no fancy ribbons? no assembling? no mailing? not even the swipe of plastic? And what if there were a present to last a lifetime? a present to explain a life? a present to cradle a legacy? And what if we could secure this gift, right now, this very moment? This year, let's give the Gift of Words, the written, the listened. JUST WRITE: Words jotted a thought or paragraph at a time, the short stories and local color of our lives. JUST LISTEN: Over the holidays, the new year, stories really listened to, even when heard many times before. Merry Christmas, All, Merry Christmas. "SNOW, SNOW. BEAUTIFUL SNOW." By Judy Bridges, writing coach at Red Bird Studio and author of Shut Up & Write! . My mother stands at the window, smiling out at the flaky stuff. I am four years old and already I've acquired the habit from her. Our sing-song voices share the joy, and it's years before I give it any th

A Hundred Mile Dinner for the
Incurable Epicureans in St. Louis

A menu for the Incurable Epicureans in St. Louis, featuring recipes calling for seasonal vegetables and fruits and local Missouri products. (skip straight to) ~ Why A Hundred Mile Dinner? ~ ~ What Does "Local" Mean, Anyway? ~ ~ Hundred Mile Dinner Menu for St. Louis ~ Why A Hundred Mile Dinner? For Regular Readers You'll be wondering what's up, why I'm deviating from the standard recipe column. Here's the scoop. In late May, the Kitchen Parade and A Veggie Venture recipes that follow will be cooked by a supper club called the Incurable Epicureans (IE), a food-loving subset of the Missouri Mushroom Society . Each year, the group cooks four theme-focused dinners for 40 to 50 people. Over the last 12 - 15 years, the Incurable Epicureans have focused dinners on the work of chefs and food luminaries such as Julia Child, James Beard, MFK Fisher, Alice Waters and most recently, Marcella Hazan. (A Veggie Venture readers might remember Marce

Top Twelve Vegetable Recipes of 2010
from A Veggie Venture

Healthy habits, they're good to hone, worthy of practice. And most of us (myself included) would benefit from eating more vegetables. Let me tempt you with the best vegetables recipes from A Veggie Venture in 2010. Not finding what you like here? Check A Veggie Venture's famous Alphabet of Vegetables ! Enjoy! ~ Alanna (hover for a description, click a photo for a recipe) More "Best & Favorite" Recipes ~ My Favorite One-Pot Supper Recipes ~ ~ My Favorite Apple Recipes ~ from Kitchen Parade ~ Twelve Favorite Tomato Recipes ~ from A Veggie Venture, my vegetable food blog More Vegetable Recipes (from my fellow food bloggers, updated regularly) (more recipes like this at Vegetablespotting ) Kitchen Parade is written by second-generation food columnist Alanna Kellogg and features fresh, seasonal dishes for every-day healthful eating and occasional indulgences. Do you have a favorite vegetable recipe that

Weight Watchers, PointsPlus & Kitchen Parade

This week Weight Watchers overhauled its points system for the first time in thirteen years. Officially, zip-zap the old points are gone and have already been replaced by new PointsPlus values. So far, I like the new PointsPlus program a bunch but here at Kitchen Parade, we like to eat our cake and have it too! Here's what to expect during the next few weeks. (WATCH THIS PAGE for FURTHER UPDATES I'll post a link to this page in the sidebar and add information as the transition progresses.) January 3 Update: I've started to update recipes with the new PointsPlus point values. Since Kitchen Parade recipes already err toward healthful, fiber-rich and low-carb ingredients, so far, most recipes are increasing by a single point, some stay the same. Now that the holidays are over, I can devote more time to the updates; once I get some down the road, I'll create a new page with recipes sorted by the new points. MY APOLOGIES first, however, to readers who don'

I Heart Food Blogs

Actually, no, that's not right. It's not that I Heart Food Blogs, it's that ... Recipes from my favorite food blogs, mostly recipes, mostly real food, mostly family meals. The list updates automatically, new recipes from long-time favorite food blogs, even the new food blogs I fall in love with. Yes, it's always fresh, it's always in season! © Copyright Kitchen Parade

A Give-Away for Mother's Day

To celebrate Mother's Day, a special give-away just for the readers of Kitchen Parade. SWEET DEALS on ARTISANAL OLIVE OIL & VINEGAR from O OLIVE OIL FOR PURCHASES, A 15 PERCENT DISCOUNT Between now and Mother's Day on Sunday, May 9, 2010, use the discount coupon code "mother" when purchasing goods at O Olive Oil . (Would you like to know more about how good vinegars are made with a 'mother'? It's quite a story! Read it and get the recipe for a summer Sweet Potato Salad too.) A GIVE-AWAY JUST for READERS of KITCHEN PARADE TWO-BOTTLE NATURAL GIFT BOXES One winner per fifty comments, limit 4. Winners choose which pair of olive oil and vinegar combinations will be sent. I'm especially fond of the champagne vinegar and Meyer lemon olive oil, also the sherry vinegar and Tahitian lime olive oil. But they're all good, let your senses guide! I'm not the only one who loves O Olive Oil, so does O Magazine, Saveur, Bon Appetit,