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Summer Couscous with Mango & Tomato

The Recipe: Couscous all dressed up for summer, quick to make and studded with bites of fresh mango and perfectly ripe summer tomatoes. Vegan and beautiful on a platter. The Conversation: Shall we talk about what "recipe words" stop us in our tracks, send us straight to the kitchen? I share mine, won't you share yours, too? I'd love to hear what compels you to the kitchen! Do certain recipe words stop you like roadblocks? My work-block words are so many, they need categories! World cuisines such as Moroccan and Greek, anything Finnish or Swedish or Nordic. And Canadian, of course, Canadian!Hints at origin ("traditional" or "authentic") and seasonality ( “summer” and “winter”). Savory. And then there’s an endless list of favorite ingredients. Blueberries, buttermilk, sour cherries, almost anything with lemon. Beets, of course! Mangos are high on the list too. These days I buy more mangoes in a month than I once did in an entire decade. Most go into…

Peach-Pie Pudding:
It’s Peach Pie Without the Crust

The Recipe: Anyone else happy to save both time and calories? I thought maybe so! That means Peach-Pie Pudding (say that three times!) is for you. It's all the glory that is summer’s very best peach pie, except without the crust! (Added benefit! And without turning on the oven!)The Conversation: What's the "state of pie" in America? Hint: It won't surprise you. Four years ago, we drove across six states in a pickup on a pie odyssey, seeking out fresh homemade pie in small-town cafes, roadside truckstops and local dives.I’m sad to report, there’s just one word for the “state of pie in America”: abysmal. ABYSMAL!We stuck our forks into one forgettable pie after another. It was only the last night, at a pricey white-tablecloth place where the pastry was worth every single calorie.Now I make a mean pie crust (à la How to Make Flaky Tender Pie Crust) – and I do, for special occasions – but mostly, really, it is better to avoid the carbs and the calories that come with …