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Cranberry Apple Crisp &
Three More Cranberry Apple Dessert Recipes

Homespun cranberry and apple deliciousness three ways: in a Cranberry Apple Crisp, as Cranberry Apple Sauce for a fruit topping or in Cranberry Apple Pie.The crisp is one of my very favorite, ever-so-adaptable recipes. The combination of "tart" and "sweet" kissed with a touch of ginger is familiar and wholesome and yet surprising too. During cold weather, it has become my "signature" dessert for casual suppers with friends and family Half sorry, I am, to share this recipe, for if history is a guide, now that it’s in print, I’ll move on to others. But so pleased, I am, to share this recipe. It’s such a favorite! The fruits form a troika, each carrying a singular fruity tune but harmonizing in wintry song. The topping is bright with ginger and gives crunch to the soft, dark fruit. For a rustic dessert, try it as shown here, in a crisp. But there are many variations on this theme. NON-FAT LOW-SUGAR CRANBERRY APPLE CRISP For a ‘diet’ version that will leave n…

Squash Puff

The Recipe: My favorite Thanksgiving side dish for many years but it's so good, the color is so beautiful, I really should make it more often. Plus? It's so easy to make, just roasted butternut squash, puréed until smooth with gently cooked onion, a few spices and a little cream. That topping? Buttery toasted pumpkin seeds! It's so easy to make and such a welcome savory addition to the Thanksgiving table where "sweet" and "rich" seem to preside.The Conversation: The lessons of "Freedom from Want," the iconic Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving tableau.
"My family loved this savory dish ..." ~ Carrie
"This is great, I've been making it for a few years now ..." ~ Elisia In a world of polarity, it’s easy to discern what’s "truth" and what’s "spin". Truth? That's the stock of judgments held by folks whose ardent beliefs match our own. Spin? That's the malicious, manipulative deception spewe…