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Cranberry Apple Crisp &
Three More Cranberry Apple Dessert Recipes

Homespun cranberry and apple deliciousness three ways: in a Cranberry Apple Crisp, as Cranberry Apple Sauce for a fruit topping or in Cranberry Apple Pie.The crisp is one of my very favorite, ever-so-adaptable recipes. The combination of "tart" and "sweet" kissed with a touch of ginger is familiar and wholesome and yet surprising too. During cold weather, it has become my "signature" dessert for casual suppers with friends and family Half sorry, I am, to share this recipe, for if history is a guide, now that it’s in print, I’ll move on to others. But so pleased, I am, to share this recipe. It’s such a favorite! The fruits form a troika, each carrying a singular fruity tune but harmonizing in wintry song. The topping is bright with ginger and gives crunch to the soft, dark fruit. For a rustic dessert, try it as shown here, in a crisp. But there are many variations on this theme. NON-FAT LOW-SUGAR CRANBERRY APPLE CRISP For a ‘diet’ version that will leave n…

Flaky Tender Pie Crust

This is the pie crust recipe – and the detailed pie crust techniques – that restored my pie crusts to the flaky, tender wonders that pie crusts should be. The recipe uses half butter (for flavor) and half shortening (for flakiness) and just enough water (for tenderness). If you've always wondered how to make good pie crust, or (like me) haven't been happy with your pie crusts' flakiness and especially their tenderness, this recipe is explained in detail, along with many hints and tips and photo illustrations, in How to Make Flaky Tender Pie Crust.
"...the best pie crust I had ever made, hands down!" ~ Chris
"... the most wonderful pie I have ever made. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart." ~ Julie
My dad loves pie. My nephews love pie. Heavens, every man I know l-o-v-e-s pie.But my Uncle Marv? He's the reason I bake pie. Here's the story.I was only sixteen when I decided to cook Thanksgiving dinner – turkey and trimmings and…