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A Hundred Mile Dinner for the
Incurable Epicureans in St. Louis

A menu for the Incurable Epicureans in St. Louis, featuring recipes calling for seasonal vegetables and fruits and local Missouri products. (skip straight to) ~ Why A Hundred Mile Dinner? ~ ~ What Does "Local" Mean, Anyway? ~ ~ Hundred Mile Dinner Menu for St. Louis ~ Why A Hundred Mile Dinner? For Regular Readers You'll be wondering what's up, why I'm deviating from the standard recipe column. Here's the scoop. In late May, the Kitchen Parade and A Veggie Venture recipes that follow will be cooked by a supper club called the Incurable Epicureans (IE), a food-loving subset of the Missouri Mushroom Society . Each year, the group cooks four theme-focused dinners for 40 to 50 people. Over the last 12 - 15 years, the Incurable Epicureans have focused dinners on the work of chefs and food luminaries such as Julia Child, James Beard, MFK Fisher, Alice Waters and most recently, Marcella Hazan. (A Veggie Venture readers might remember Marce

Mini Egg Salad Sandwiches
with Rhodes Multi-Grain Rolls

It's a rare day for me to buy, let alone heartily recommend, a commercial food product. But since discovering these small multi-grain rolls from Rhodes, I'm hooked! Look for them in the freezer section, yes, they're Bake and Serve rolls! (Please know, this is NOT a sponsored post.) ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ Cruising the Freezer Section It was a lucky break, checking the frozen seafood section for lobster tails. Nope, no lobster tails, no hoped-for affordable lobster. But right next door was a shelf of Rhodes frozen breads. My mother used to swear by Rhodes frozen bread loaves – a coup given that Mom was one of the world’s best bread bakers. What caught my eye, however, was a tray of nine small multi-grain rolls. I walked through my mental gauntlet. Price? Check. The price was right, $2.29, just $.25 a roll. Ingredient list? Check. It starts off with stone-ground whole wheat flour and unbleached white flour. Sugar is the fourth ingredient (and the roll

Rainbow Chicken

Here's a huge household favorite – chicken and a pile of rainbow-colored vegetables, tossed in a spice rub and brightened with lemon slices. It's so simple and spring-like. It's my new go-to chicken supper! The Conversation: Having trouble with your dishwasher? It might not be the dishwasher at all but the dishwasher detergent. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ COMPLIMENTS! "I made the Rainbow Chicken (twice) in one week (so good)" ~ Bonita "... amazing!" ~ Monique Add yours, leave a comment, below! BEST RECIPES! Rainbow Chicken Made the List! Best Recipes of 2011 May We Talk About a Problem? A Dishwasher Problem? “I think it’s your detergent,” declared my sister at Christmas, pulling barely clean dishes from the dishwasher and apparently unimpressed by the bargain box I’d picked up at the dollar store along with a few stocking stuffers. She was right, though: the dinner plates were rough with food grime, the silverware wa