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"Confetti" Potato Salad:
Recipe for Colorful, No Mayonnaise Potato & Sweet Potato Salad

A colorful, no-mayonnaise potato salad made with half potatoes and half sweet potatoes plus plenty of other vegetables for good color and good crunch. The recipe is a crowd-pleaser taste-wise and looks-wise. A food snob is bad enough. But a knife snob? When one takes charge of your kitchen, look out.Inspection starts with a cursory look-see, disdain barely feigned at an all-too familiar brand and a stick tang versus, y’know, a full tang. Sigh.Then comes the test grip, checking heft and balance, followed by a telltale tilt to gauge the edge’s sharpness in the light, and finally the palm press, checking for, and finding, well, dullness. Big sigh.I shouldda brought my knives, you hear. Then, You gotta sharpener?Swoosh, swoosh, the blade scrapes against the sharpening steel, shards landing in the soup, you think. A palm press, another few swipe-swipe- swipes. There, that’s better.Last year, faced with twelve pounds of potatoes, a larder of onions, peppers and celery, and hungry family at a…

Strawberry Salads

Two recipes for strawberry salads, great ways to show off spring strawberries. Strawberry Pepper Salad is better with tender home-grown strawberries but no worry, Strawberry Spinach Salad with Poppyseed Dressing works beautifully with supermarket strawberries. Both use candied almonds, gorgeous orbs of nutty sweetness.
"Holy moly ... may be the world's best use of strawberries." ~Jo Beth
"Strawberries with almonds and parmesan and pepper.... mmm!" ~Anonymous Each year, as the last days of May slip into the first hours of June, the local strawberries are fat and juicy and perfect. The season seems to last a whole ten seconds, a couple of weeks at most – but only in a good year, for reality depends on sun and rain and temperature, the unpredictability a reminder of who’s really in charge.But each year I wait in anticipation, hoarding special ways to use nature’s perfect ruby gems. A few out of the hand; small bowls swimming in fresh cream; shortcake. Thes…