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Chocolate Malt Ice Cream

Food memories emerge early. My mother’s girlhood favorite if rare treat was a chocolate malt at The Bay, a big downtown department store in Winnipeg. She vowed, “When I have money, I’ll buy a chocolate malt every day” – this, in the 1940s, when a malt cost a whole nickel. Later, Mom led chocolate malt pilgrimages with daughters in hand. Winter or summer, every trip to Winnipeg, we’d trek to the basement of The Bay for chocolate malts. My budding inner foodie coveted the hot dogs twirling brown inside the counter rotisserie. But when Mom was buying, malts it would be. Thick. Creamy. Rich. Dark with chocolate, deep with malt. Slow to melt. At first, we’d need spoons, then suck through straws, our cheeks concave. Such a treat! Mom passed on the penchant to me. Now I share it with you – or close enough, no trip to the Manitoba prairie required. Treat yourself often, if not every day. CHUBBY CHAMELEON ICE CREAM In 2004, I shared my go-to ‘light’ ice cream recipe. It’s cal