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Bloody Mary Salad

Yep, this salad is just like a spicy bloody mary, except slightly thicker! A vegetable-packed salad, perfect for potlucks, dieters and healthy eaters. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ So Many Choices: Another Perspective The choices consumers must make every day can be overwhelming. How many mustards does a society need? What’s the point, exactly? BUT THEN: I recall an animated family Thanksgiving turned silent as grace was spoken by a woman of a certain age, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother to many gathered round the table. “Thank you, Lord, for taxes,” she began, “it means we have work. And thank you for the pile of dishes to wash after our meal, it means we share it with people we love.” AND THEN: I recall a corner grocery in Moscow during the Soviet years. There were six shelves, bare but for a single jar of sour pickles. I learned that day that the wealth of capitalism, and democracy, is measured in food. Despite its quirky name, BLOODY MARY SALAD represents