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Brown Sugar Lemon Curd

My Canadian family's "signature" recipe for lemon curd. It's made with brown sugar, not white sugar. The brown sugar adds nuance and dimension to lemon curd that's memorable: in side-by-side taste tests, people always prefer Brown Sugar Lemon Curd. I'm sharing two recipes, one from my dear Auntie Gloria, whose refrigerator was always home to a tub of lemon curd, perfect for scooping out by the spoonful or filling a lemon tart or two when a friend stopped by for tea and a visit. The second recipe is my variation of her recipe, it's less sweet and less rich and to my taste, extra-lemony and delicious. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ ~ Auntie Gloria's Brown Sugar Lemon Curd ~ ~ My Low-Sugar & Low Fat Lemon Curd ~ BEST RECIPES! Brown Sugar Lemon Curd Made the List! Best Recipes of 2012 The Glo Is Gone My Canadian family just lost the family matriarch. She was Gloria Miller, my mom’s sister, my cousins’ mum, their children’s

Sunshine Orange Muffins from The Best of Bridge

Pretty orange-poppyseed muffins from Canada's famous Best of Bridge cookbook series, barely sweet, sweetened mostly with a whole orange (skin and all!) and one of my favorite pantry ingredients for a flavor boost, frozen orange juice concentrate. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ COMPLIMENTS! "I love the Sunshine muffins as well ..." ~ raidergirl3 Best of Bridge: A (Canadian) Family Tradition Canadian readers, you know Best of Bridge cookbooks, eh? You grew up with them too, eh? Your moms and aunts and cousins cooked with them, for weeknight suppers but most especially for parties, eh? (Sorry, I’ll quit with the eh’s.) After twenty-two years and six cookbooks, the Best of Bridge is gearing up for a new generation of cooks – with two collections of favorite recipes, “The Best of the Best” and “The REST of the Best” of the Best of Bridge. Confusing, I know, that’s a lot of bests. If a double-negative makes a positive, does a triple best make a surefi