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Kitchen Stir-Fry

This recipe is one of my favorite quick suppers, the marinade ingredients have been taped inside a cupboard for years now! It's vegan so a good choice for Meatless Mondays and low in fat and calories so a great choice for Weight Watchers and healthy eaters. I call it "Kitchen" Stir-Fry because it tastes good made with whatever's in the kitchen. Just keep tofu and frozen vegetables on hand, then add whatever other vegetables sound good. After that, honestly, this stir-fry kind of cooks itself. What food sells for less than $2 a pound? is low in calories? and fat? and carbs? and cholesterol? but high in protein?It’s tofu, the soy-based, earth-friendly super-food. If you’re tempted to stop reading, please don’t! I do understand: I was a vegetarian for eight years and cooked with tofu exactly once. But now that I’ve become a carnivore, thanks to this delicious stir-fry, I’m also a reformed tofu-eater! Keep the ingredients for KITCHEN STIR-FRY on hand so you can cook up…