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Strawberry Salsa with
Cinnamon-Sweet Baked Tortilla Chips

The story of Strawberry Bill, my great grandfather and an excuse to share a great low-calorie, low-point appetizer, snack or dessert. If you love fruit salsas, put Strawberry Salsa on your make-asap list! ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

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"This was delish!" ~ Khadijah
The Family Strawberry Enterprise“Strawberry Bill” he was called, my Great Grandfather Gossard. He kept ten acres of berries in Webster City, where June was the big month for strawberry-picking in early-1900s Iowa. Late in life, my Gramma Kellogg, his daughter, wrote about Iowa strawberries in a memory book called “Stories for My Grandchildren.”At sunup, she wrote, local women and children pinned on their straw hats to commence picking, Gramma …

Derby Pie

Grab your best flowery hat and a mint julep, we're off to the Kentucky Derby! Derby Pie is a storied pie perfect for Derby-Day gatherings. The recipe just might be as Kentucky-authentic as it gets. It's quick to make but rich - good thing small slivers are plenty. Here’s a pie that has almost as many names as slices.Confederate Pie is one. “It’s just like Kentucky Pie except swiy-ter,” it’s been said in a thick southern accent, so that’s another. One more? Jefferson Davis Pie. A reader (hi Barb!) calls it "Back Home Pie" and her dad always said, "I don't care if it is called 'Dirty Pie', it's a good one!"The recipe comes from my long-time real-life friend Lisa of My Own Sweet Thyme who is a Kentucky girl by birth and she got it from her Aunt Hen.For a long time, Aunt Hen worked for the folks that got to be famous for Derby Pie. But whenever someone asked her for the recipe – and people will ask for this recipe, trust me on that – Aunt Hen ca…