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Best Recipes of 2009

My favorite recipes from 2009, just 12 of the best recipes of the year, recipes that especially express "fresh" and "easy" and "memorable" and "flavor-forward" and "seasonal" — all hallmarks of Kitchen Parade recipes. Ditto. Ditto. It happens every year, Thanksgiving tumbling into Advent, Christmas careening toward New Year's. The lists are long and never once completed. This year, it was especially easy to welcome off-list activities: a 2080-mile trek to visit my mother's Canadian family to sample Christmas cookies; a "bring-a-salad-ingredient" party; a surprise breakfast just hours Christmas house guests arrived; a feast cooked by a husband-wife-daughter team who make Iron Chef look like Amateur Night; a lesson in shortbread from my sister. Though good food figured in all these good times, food was hardly their point. So while selecting 2009's best recipes, I ignored the temptation to share another story,

Beef Stew with Cranberries

This is such a quick and easy winter stew recipe, just chunks of beef slow-cooked with onions and cranberry, creating melt-in-your-mouth tender bites of meat, simple enough for a weeknight supper but special enough for company too. Winter Stew with Cranberries is based on an old-fashioned recipe for Swedish Kalops, no wonder it's perfect for cold winter nights! As the holiday season winds down, it's time to turn to simple foods that can be prepared in a few minutes and then forgotten until hunger strikes at serving time. Whether cooked ahead for a weeknight supper or simmered stovetop for Sunday dinner, Beef Stew with Cranberries fits the bill for easy, filling winter fare. Swedish cookbooks offer dozens of traditional recipes for Kalops, sometimes anglicized to Callops. Centuries ago, the meat and gravy mixture was served on sailing ships so most recipes call for a generous quantity of allspice or cloves to mask the taste of (ewwww ....) spoiled meat on long voyages

Bodacious Brussels Sprouts

Looking for something fresh and green for holiday menus? Bodacious Brussels Sprouts are prepped ahead of time then finished in a flash just before serving, studded with buttery pecans and laced with caramelized onions! Bodacious, indeed. Bodacious! That’s bold + audacious and if ever there were a recipe for bold and audacious Brussels sprouts, this is it! It comes from reader Janet Miller who found Southern Living’s name descriptive but uninspiring. Which would you rather eat, Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with Onions and Pecans or Bodacious Brussels Sprouts? No contest, right?! Many thanks, Janet, for a new favorite way to cook Brussels sprouts. Guilty as charged. When guests arrive, I want to spend time with them, not in the kitchen. So many of my vegetable recipes, especially the recipes for Thanksgiving and the Christmas , have a certain sameness because they’re all prepped ahead of time, a few hours or even a day ahead. This recipe for Brussels sprouts offers the