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Estonian Deviled Eggs

How to stuff deviled eggs Estonian-style with mashed egg yolks plus a secret ingredient that makes for an ultra-smooth, ultra-creamy filling: a touch of soft butter. Real Food, Fresh & Flexible. Budget-Friendly. Weeknight Easy, Weekend Special. Weight Watchers Friendly. Low Carb. Naturally Gluten Free.

For Clean, Sharp Tomato Slices, Invest in a Tomato Knife:
One Quick Tip

Ever struggle with ragged edges on sliced tomatoes? For anyone who loves summer's best ripe tomatoes, consider investing in a tomato knife, a short, sharp serrated knife that cuts tomatoes into clean, sharp slices. But if you're like me, a tomato knife will soon become an essential knife, so handy for its size and sharpness, not just for tomatoes but dozens of other kitchen tasks. ~ Skip Straight to the Tip ~ This is the latest in an occasional series of posts I call "One Quick Tip" ... because, well, each one includes just a single quick tip, quick to absorb, easy to adopt, memorable to use. Do you have One Quick Tip you'd like to share? Leave a comment or send me a quick e-mail via . This time, I'd love to hear about an inexpensive kitchen tool that you find indispensable, one that really makes life easier, one that's worth keeping around even if it has just a single purpose. Old or new, big or small, I'd love to

Typical Finnish Breakfast: Finn Crisp with Marmalade & Cheese

A simple Finnish breakfast, just start with simple whole-grain crackers and top with marmalade and a creamy cheese. How to Eat Breakfast Like a Finn, No Cooking Required. Real Food, Fresh & Inventive. A Healthy Whole-Food Breakfast. Not just easy, Summer Easy . Year-Round Kitchen Staple. Budget Friendly. Weekday Easy, Weekend Special. Low Fat. Weight Watchers Friendly. Vegetarian.