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Best Recipes of 2007

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Smoked Turkey Chowder

America may be blotted with asphalt-moated fast-food stops but for more than two decades, a slow food movement has been, aptly, slowly emerging. In chapters across the world, including one right here in St. Louis at, people are fixed on the preservation of local foods and culinary traditions. Despite its name, the slow food movement’s foundation is taste not haste.Still, dishes that can be prepared quickly take on entirely new dimensions when allowed to cook slowly, very slowly.These recipes are two of my slow favorites, the potatoes new, the chowder old. The chowder recipe easily converts to a delicious clam chowder. When taste counts, choose clam chowder. When taste and local both count, smoked turkey is the pick. SLOW-BAKED POTATOES No, they don’t burn up. No, they don’t shrivel into nothing. Yes, they do bake into the most delicious creamy, nutty baked potatoes imaginable. Just rub russet potatoes with oil, then place directly onto an oven rack and bake for two and …

Perfect M&M Cookies:
All Butter, No Shortening

One of America's favorite cookies, M&M Cookies are an adaptation of the traditional Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, topped with crayon-colored M&M candies. It's my friend Kathy's 'signature' recipe, one she's tweaked and perfected over many years. Best of all, her cookie recipe uses butter, real butter, not shortening. Observant bakers, study the ingredient list. Yes, it’s just a nibble different than the classic Toll House chocolate chip cookie recipe, America’s favorite for 75 years. But oh, the difference!My friend Kathy has tweaked the M&M Cookies variation for a decade, achieving a perfect balance of crispy chewiness and chocolaty sweetness. If it stirs an irresistible urge to clip, bookmark or print – now! – you’re not alone for the recipe rouses otherwise rational cooks into the kitchen at odd hours.Kathy makes 15 – 20 batches a year and at Christmas, shares ten dozen at my friends’ annual cookie swap where new recipes may be ooo-ed …