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Seasonal Sundays (Week 49) Early December

Anyone feeling a little post-Thanksgiving plump? Today's edition reflects that after-holiday reality with some healthy (dare I say detox?) ideas for the next few days. But then, who else is ready to jump into ... or ease into ... December? So many December (not necessarily "Christmas") ideas here ...

At Last! Black Bean Soup Recipe

Cooked on the Stove or in a Slow Cooker or "Slow Cooked in the Oven" Have you ever looked and looked (and looked?!) for the perfect way to make a certain something? At Last! Black Bean Soup became my "only" black bean soup recipe, gracious! more than 30 years ago now and today is one of my "signature" recipes. It's super simple to make, just dried black beans, tomato, corn, potatoes and/or sweet potato and a touch of jalapeño. Some times I add ham hocks, other times I skip the meat for a vegan black bean soup that really lets the beans themselves stand out. Budget-Friendly. Fresh & Seasonal, Perfect for Cold-Weather Meals. Easily not just vegan, Vegan Done Real . Very Weight Watchers Friendly. Naturally Gluten Free. High Protein. Great for Meal Prep. Freezes Well. Rave Reviews.

Seasonal Sundays (Week 48) Last-Minute Thanksgiving Ideas

A veritable Thanksgiving buffet for a small, re-invented holiday: ideas for a make-ahead Thanksgiving morning; ideas for a Thanksgiving weekend; even ideas for those of us who don't quite know what to do with ourselves when Thanksgiving is smaller and simpler.

Seasonal Sundays (Week 47) Thanksgiving for Two & Other Small Tables

Ah, 2020. You so do challenge us to re-think and outright re-invent our long-held holiday traditions. Inside you'll find 11 different strategies for creating big memories this year plus a collection of recipes especially suited for Thanksgiving for Two and other small tables. And K-I-L-L-E-R desserts! Because if we've earned anything in this mixed-up, frightening year (we're 38 weeks in by my count) ... it's memorable desserts.

Seasonal Sundays (Week 46) After the Election

Seasonal Sundays (Week 45) Stress Cooking & Eating

Hey, Y'all. We've got a hella week ahead ... how about we just give it up now and lean into stress cooking and stress eating?