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Peach Un-Cobbler

The Recipe: A cobbler so good, the fruit can shine alone, what I call an "Un-Cobbler" – just leave off the buttery-sugary topping to save 100 and even 200 calories a serving, it's completely virtuous and still-delicious. Or keep the topping, honest, because yeah, of course, to some people, peach cobbler isn't actually peach cobbler without something sweet and crunchy on top. The Conversation: Getting friendly with the peach man at the farmers market. The peach man at the farmers market and I have become friendly this summer. Twice a week, I stop in for a basket of his stand’s fat peaches, juicy orbs that fall off their pits when cut and drip onto your chin when bitten. What’re you making today? he asks, knowing the likely answer, More cobbler. Every cook’s recipe collection should include at least one good cobbler. All the recipes start with a fruit base, some times peaches, often apples, pears or even apricots, occasionally mixed with berries.Then the recipes dive…

Summer's Tomato Soup

Seasonal clothing is commonplace, think winter boots vs summer sandals. But a homemade tomato soup especially for summer? Yes! Summer's Tomato Soup is simple, just a few pantry ingredients plus fresh tomatoes. It's made with summer's ripest and reddest tomatoes so the soup's color is extra beautiful. And the taste? Complex. Unexpected. Summery.
Seasonal cooks, you know you'll love this herb-tinged tomato soup. If you're curious? Yes, there's a cold-weather homemade tomato soup too, it's Winter Tomato Soup!

Fresh & Seasonal. A Real Summer Treat. Vegetarian. Weight Watchers Friendly. Low Carb.

Easy Elegant Fruit Tart

A beautiful berry tart, part tart, part cheesecake, easy to make but with an impressive and dramatic appearance. Unlike so many bakery tarts in the U.S., it tastes as good as it looks!

Fresh & Summery. Easy to Make, Looks Impressive, Tastes Great.