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Peach Un-Cobbler

The Recipe: A cobbler so good, the fruit can shine alone, what I call an "Un-Cobbler" – just leave off the buttery-sugary topping to save 100 and even 200 calories a serving, it's completely virtuous and still-delicious. Or keep the topping, honest, because yeah, of course, to some people, peach cobbler isn't actually peach cobbler without something sweet and crunchy on top. The Conversation: Getting friendly with the peach man at the farmers market. The peach man at the farmers market and I have become friendly this summer. Twice a week, I stop in for a basket of his stand’s fat peaches, juicy orbs that fall off their pits when cut and drip onto your chin when bitten. What’re you making today? he asks, knowing the likely answer, More cobbler. Every cook’s recipe collection should include at least one good cobbler. All the recipes start with a fruit base, some times peaches, often apples, pears or even apricots, occasionally mixed with berries.Then the recipes dive…

Summer's Tomato Soup

A simple, light herb-tinged homemade tomato soup, made with fresh tomatoes. Beautiful color. Looks simple, tastes complex.
"... we couldn't believe how something so simple was so delicious." ~ Anonymous
“This is fantastic!" ~ Jessica Summer tomatoes and college kids are a lot alike. Oh! The anticipation of their arrival! And while they’re around, it’s hard to get enough. And when they’re gone, far too soon, you miss ‘em. Here in eastern Missouri, once Arkansas’ picked-three-days-before-yesterday tomato invaders show up, the picked-this-mornin’ local tomatoes aren’t far behind. For a couple of weeks, it’s red heaven on a plate. Sliced and salted. Sliced and sugared. Sliced and slivered with basil and slippery with mozzarella. And then into September, it's tomatoes grilled, broiled, roasted, sandwiched and then finally, souped. SUMMER’s TOMATO SOUP is a light, herb-tinged soup that makes for a perfect starter or a light supper. It's as different…